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  1. Try replacing or editing l2.ini and then use walker to launch the game. If it doesnt help, say what kind of problem is it. I always launch l2 with walker, sometimes when the window appear for 1 sec i quit l2walker (end its process) and launch it again (without quitting l2). It helps me.
  2. Game XP i guess, Dr. Tweak XP is also useful.
  3. As i remember its for servers where boxes are named chests. Using that way, u can see which are 'real' boxes, but u will not know which will drop a scroll.
  4. Well done! Thanks a lot for this guide. I hope your effort will be appreciated.
  5. I guess its better to take advantages of that chances, if that 'special time' wont be so special, u will feel disappointed ;p
  6. My point of view: famous singers are rich enough, piracy wont make them poor. BUT if u are a newbie singer, u can use p2p, internet etc to PROMOTE yourself! In this way, music develops, more artists can show their work and become famous. Piracy helps.
  7. Indeed :p Playing to cope with the boredom and, additionally to earn some cash :)
  8. xD It might be interesting :p I guess that 75% people have nothing against listening to someones experencies :p
  9. Haa! :D Who would like to have pants like that :p ?
  10. Who would like to start the discussion :> ?
  11. Thanks a lot dude. Helpful, interesting, awesome ;)
  12. I guess system will not be loaded properly, this delay is like 'brute force'. If something needs more time to load than the configured delay, it will not be loaded.
  13. Is piracy killing music? Huh, of course not. Its not good for those who want to earn some money by selling music, but it wont kill the music. More songs to listen - more listeners - it develops a lot of music species.
  14. Hmm, great. Now everyone can have his own lightsaber :p
  15. guild wars (there are official pvp servers) .
  16. Something other than everything. Thanks for information.
  17. Good to know how to make this effect. Maybe its not hard for advanced users, but for those who usually dont use photoshop etc this is a really useful guide. Thanks dude.