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  1. I don't visit either. One is full of spam and the other is full of crying by 13yo's because they lost their uber important karma! nuuuus! Q_Q
  2. Judging from your posts along with maxtors without describing the actual requirements to be banned, yes, I will consider that you have absolutely no fucking clue about how IPs work.
  3. It seems none of you understand a thing about IPs. A country does not have a single IP range. An user may have 30+ valid IP ranges (I have 8 ) An user may be on a dynamic IP (I change IP every 3 hours with over 4,228,250,625 IPs available) A hostname is not always resolvable A user may login from two different residences with two different ISPs where both have different ranges. geo2ip wont resolve location correctly 100% of the time. TLDR: I hope you enjoy banning legit users :)
  4. You mean the same renders in different areas with slightly changed colors? Totally unique. The layout says more than the looks.
  5. I've played aion for probably... 200 hours now. I've had more fun in those 200 hours than in my first 2 years of L2 retail and all my years on private servers. The ONLY thing that Aion wont be able to beat is me training farmers east of giran and getting farmer bosses called on me. Or going into enchanted valley and having all the bot trains use their EE and do a party recall.
  6. and every MMO is a rehash of a previous. Cite something that is actually a new rehash and I'll congratulate you, else your talking about null points.
  7. Play the chinese servers with the (official) english patch. The only difference between that and the actual english release is: Updated version (more quests + 5 more levels) Location (lower pings for most) Publisher (China launch is from SDO. Possibly less bots on ncsoft servers?) More english speakers. Flat rate monthly payment.
  8. A failure of a server. You can only register and make a character. Everything past EXACTLY that doesnt work. You cant move around, mobs dont exist, items dont exist, damage isnt implemented...
  9. Bosses are fucking hard as hell in this game. For 4 hours (still going as I type), about 40 or 50 lvl 40+ (50 is max) chinese were trying to kill ONE boss and kept dying. It had AoE para, AoE one shot and can make 2 duplicates of itself that also do damage and all of those skills and had full hp.
  10. You were saying something? Anyways, graphics are better than WoW's. Hopefully wowtards will listen to other wowtards and believe that wow is better so wowtards dont infest aion. As for gameplay, I'm playing on the chinese server and get about 300 or 400 ping. If you plan to play as a mage or a ranger, make sure your ping is below 200. Below 100 is better and below 50 is best. Leveling isnt to hard, I got to level 11 in about 8 hours (lvl 50 is max) and doing damage is very much skill based (atleast it is when I was going from 8->11). Not sure about the later levels yet.
  11. No reason for me to be. I have a greater chance of dying in a car crash, having a heart attack or some neurological problem I got. That, and I'm not worried about death anyways. Everyone will eventually... I'd rather know I'm dying and be able to give my friends/family the last farewell rather than up and disappearing on friends or something else for my family. Plus, it'd help with the community around here. Maybe only a handful are worth a damn, rest can die and I wont even have even the slightest thought of remorse... unless they wish to use our field for a burial ground. Oh, and y
  12. First of all, its not contracted by pigs. It was just given a name that implies it does. Second, no, I'm not worried even though there is a case probably not even 10 minutes from where I live and another 30 or 40 mins in the other direction. Anyone whos in the stock market, I suggest you drop your life savings into some pharmaceutical companies.