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  1. account sold. To all the haterz and envy people go **** yourself. Always complaning and creating stories... It's last time I ever sell something to this community.
  2. Did I ever traded with u? Envy is a sin. PROVE me that we ever traded or speaked. Inever saw your nickname before.
  3. very rude guy, says to me to offer, I offer then says I'm stupid man x). I dont recommend trades with these guy. Do it on your own risk.
  4. bump - still 40€ ... I guess I'll just give it for free LOL xD cmon!
  5. fk this I need RP for my account on NA. I'll sell this for 50€ paysafecard or paypal! BE FAST I MIGHT CHANGE MY MINE TOMOROW <.<! btw account is on Plat I (around 2k elo).
  6. That's my account currently is on Platinum Division 2. It's on Division Series already I'll try to put it on Div 1 x). http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=261800.0 anyway pm me if u want.
  7. It doesnt have a email (I mean it's random and it doesnt exist). It's a very old account that I dont really need it since I play on other server now.