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  1. la8os pedes 1k soz t brika lalakia m
  2. 00:46:40 WP v4.06F © Sauron 00:46:40 Link LoginServer Succeed. 00:46:41 ->Login LoginServer Fail.
  3. pedes ekana edw k meres search k apefebga na kanw topic mipws k to brw alla dn briskw to walker gia ton l2gold C4 ena link an iparxei to topic i ena direct download link... soz alla dn mporousa allo..
  4. h**p://www.towalker.com/down/maps.zip Mprosta s htan r :D
  5. TG-RPG einai k 8a einai o kaliteros server.... No Lag.... Low rates... Gamw ta war me tis kales clans... PS:O bnb exei lag gia na agorazete VPNS 3ipnaaaaateeeeeee
  6. 33..... As pame estw k ena mina meta 8a eimaste panw ap to 100 :P