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  1. I checked sth few days ago and.. there are chests and chests ;) Client modifications are not needed, walker views the list of mobs. Some of the chests listed are boxes indeed, and will always behave as boxes. You only have to make the right choice once when configuring walker about which of them are "good" and which are "bad" chests. I hope you got my point. Cheers.
  2. Works great, one of the best things among the whole community.
  3. Thanks for share, mate! Guide is really useful ;)
  4. Guide is useful for new players i guess. Anyway, thanks for share.
  5. Did it work on DN? Thanks for share anyway.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6-KrrIbAEs This is so sad...
  7. All parts of resident evil were scary, silent hill
  8. Script is good but you have to know some packets. Thx for share.
  9. Thanks for share a lot! Good job ;)
  10. Funny at all ;) Make some more, would be nice.
  11. The shield looks magnificent! Sharing would be appreciated.
  12. Nice, would be even better if different colours had various stats.
  13. Hmm, cool. Thanks for share, maybe ill find an avatar suitable for me at last ;)
  14. Songs are pretty good, thanks for share. Edit: Unfortunately, low quality :(
  15. Have you read what is this topic about? Heh..