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  1. Maybe anyone knos how to fix the Optimaize char detail. bug? Cuz i cant to turn of it.
  2. Hey :) damn... good to be back :D but i've ot to tell you that all your stuff beaing shered in some other forums.Maxtor should do somtin :) Nice bug, but unfortientky i play on Asmodians :)
  3. I would like to ask, if you can extend it for more 1 week, because i will make all clip just in time of week. I have a lot of work in these days, cant get free time to finis maxcheaters promo :)
  4. I will try to make all version soon :) wait for me :D
  5. I found this competition day a go and made a liitle begibning of my clip wich will be done soon :) just intro for now :)
  6. nop, there are some people who dont have so much post, but deserve o know this one :)
  7. Hey i found Ig bot worrking On bfd, give me your mail I will send it for you and write all instrucions, Dont write here, because dont want tu public it to much ;)
  8. This is not exploit, this is hacking/editing tool and im not going to write and guide now, maybe later, cuz I dont have enough of time for such things :) Go to the official forum(I droped a link somewhere in this thread) and ask for developers :) try to do something by your self ^^
  9. oMGOD THIS IS PROCESS editor and injector and just of this program fuction is that it can be ysed as gg killer
  10. Omg, what the hell :D its not worth trying :D
  11. :D what you mean? Mhm... not jeet, maybe jeterx or jeter, in russian forums u can find me as Jeterx :)
  12. Not worrking in my server, I target the artifact and then use skill it just runs in to the wall and not through.
  13. thx alot :) c4 killer is very old, but i will try to kill c5 gg :p