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  1. Maybe anyone knos how to fix the Optimaize char detail. bug? Cuz i cant to turn of it.
  2. Hey :) damn... good to be back :D but i've ot to tell you that all your stuff beaing shered in some other forums.Maxtor should do somtin :) Nice bug, but unfortientky i play on Asmodians :)
  3. I would like to ask, if you can extend it for more 1 week, because i will make all clip just in time of week. I have a lot of work in these days, cant get free time to finis maxcheaters promo :)
  4. I will try to make all version soon :) wait for me :D
  5. I found this competition day a go and made a liitle begibning of my clip wich will be done soon :) just intro for now :)
  6. nop, there are some people who dont have so much post, but deserve o know this one :)
  7. Hey i found Ig bot worrking On bfd, give me your mail I will send it for you and write all instrucions, Dont write here, because dont want tu public it to much ;)
  8. This is not exploit, this is hacking/editing tool and im not going to write and guide now, maybe later, cuz I dont have enough of time for such things :) Go to the official forum(I droped a link somewhere in this thread) and ask for developers :) try to do something by your self ^^
  9. oMGOD THIS IS PROCESS editor and injector and just of this program fuction is that it can be ysed as gg killer
  10. Omg, what the hell :D its not worth trying :D
  11. :D what you mean? Mhm... not jeet, maybe jeterx or jeter, in russian forums u can find me as Jeterx :)
  12. Not worrking in my server, I target the artifact and then use skill it just runs in to the wall and not through.
  13. thx alot :) c4 killer is very old, but i will try to kill c5 gg :p
  14. Tai pats laiaks pabandyti :D gal veiks kurnors :) There was another bug with mamon and S grade cristals, but dont remeber how much I used to buy :) if i find it i will post it for you :)
  15. NO problem :) what server? :P
  16. I hate such people who gets good thing, but dont understand how to use it and the say: I think its crapy keylogger lets ban that mutherF*ucker. That looks very noobish and funny to me, I dont understand alot of things too, but I dont try to blame everything i can :/ http://www.nyit-nyit.net/index.php?s=8ae8aadb3ec2fd07be236df93c8a3355&showtopic=36 this is the original source of jamilah, want some info ask the developers...
  17. Why I do smell that you dont even imagine what a f*uck your talking about...And you dont even know what is Process PId portection?
  18. It doesnt looks that you saw alot :D
  19. first of all I said, use it on your own risk... If you dint liek the name or the way ho to open it, so close this window and go searc for some noobish bugs. people who know what jamilah is know what to do with it ;) and btw i you read the posts you should see that i wrote that this is newer version and it dosent requires Cmd... and OMG Jamilag project was satrted about 3-4 years ago and, if you dont eaven know the name of it, then you are quite noob in here :) Jamilah is more popula on other online games, because its the only way to kill, freeze, or fake GG or ant other protecion.... Dont like
  20. O shit i uploded newer version of jamilah :D 12.1 mhm ist more easy to use it, but I prefer old one, its more useful then this one :) i upload old one to :) what it does? It does whaterver your heart wants with process :D For example you can simulate GG, or if your server l.exe PId is hid or protecte you can make it visibile and unprotected :) This version(1.21) is very easy, just open the jamilah.exe and the tool window will pop up :)
  21. and why you are waiting for tests? go and try it your selve :)