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  1. Our episode #7 of Pentakills for collectors is up, and waiting for you to see it :) Feat, Alex Ich.. enjoy! click here to see the full pentakills for collectors playlist, or click the link below: Enjoy..!
  2. Hello everybody Necro here, i've uploaded the games from Day 2 World Championship on Youtube, If anybody feels interested in watching the replays Click here I hope you like it, Take care :)
  3. And the winner is Djnanos! from our forum here! Congratulations! we'll contact you via e-mail for your prize, of 1779rp, or whatever you choose to do with your 10 euro, paysafe card 8)
  4. tricking people to register... ..well, Goddess, we are saying it clearly: ref link -> register -> level 5 -> email info -> participate. I feel really sorry that you believe we're trying to trick people. yes this is a way to increase referrals, via a competition. well, it's actually not 10$. it is 10€. curently: 10€=13.17$ if someone participates, by his knowledge that ONLY 1 can be a winner, why does that bother you? some people like that, and they participate. on the other hand, we have other competitions: since the beginning until this time, for the "fast competitions" we host, we have made 8 different referrals for our winners, and at 15th february one of my subscribers will get 10 referrals, as the month's winner. Do you like math? Mundo rp created referrals: 8+10(on 15th feb)=18. Mundo rp received referrals: 4. We're not trying to trick anybody... ..but to believe strangers, is always: your choice & your responsibility.
  5. updated front post, bottom information. Also, the following video, is one of our "fast competitions"! Winner get's 1: 4-win ip boost! Not a subscriber?, subscribe now to our YOUtube channel and participate in tons of competitions! You all are always welcome in our little community! (also 1st-march-2012: a league is on it's way... random winners!)
  6. We are giving the rewards, since we started the competition! ;D The random winner will win a 10euro paysafe code, which then he can redeem ingame for 1779 Riot Points! EUNE EUW or US is fine, as long as you follow the guide to participate! Thank you for your interest, we hope to see you within our growing community on our YOUtube Channel, Mundo rp! SKYscreamer.
  7. heheh... that's uhm... ..true xD anyways, we just launched the main contest, about the referrals, and all our other competitions are active and running! Be sure to check out the: Fast competitions!, on random days a trivial question regarding League of Legends, with a 4-win IP boost giveaway takes places! Also, all our subscribers get a chance to win 975Rp plus 40-win IP boosts! here's our new uploaded video, about the referral competition: ENJOY
  8. I'd like to announce that we just had our 1st "tiny competition" as we called it!! it was really fun but fast, so in 30 minutes it was finished..! Winner: Raphileo claimed 4-win IP boosts You can see the video of this kind of competition in the bottom of this post, and there will be more! Subscribe in our channel on YOUtube: Mundo rp (<-- click that 8)) and be the first from all people to know our updates and new competitions! also, all subscribers will be participating for the grand prize: 40-win IP boosts & 975rp! (more info in the channel!) now here is the video...!
  9. UPDATE: on the bottom of the welcome post, you can watch updated some info for both contests plus summoner names registered!
  10. east west or n.america doesnt matter! i just logged in, and i saw your account. you are our first referral!, DO NOT forget to send us an email with your accounts basic info! at 1)Email registered as a referral 2)Summoner name 3)Summoner level (The Rules mention this in the "how to participate" section here) we dont really expect more than 10 accounts first month! we just hope after gaining some trust, that the number will increase! Thank you for your referral! That is fine by me!, i've been since 2006 in maxb-astards, i dont intend to get banned for 2-3 referrals! I would like to have you people help us with: Suggest us a way, to show a legit drawing of the random winner. our first idea was to capture a video showing referrals, with a random draw from
  11. There can not be a way of proving proof, besides time. My channel on youtube has open likes/dislikes and comments. If my competitions dont keep their word, the result will be there. (fake scam ??? <- that's a great combination by the way! ;D ) yes, but that is a matter of perspective! we currently have 9 referrals that were made.. me! zero participants! screenshot below: ofcourse there is. read the rules, it's said loud and clear. On youtube, we GIVE referrals to get subscribers. on facebook, we RECEIVE referrals and give a 10euro (1779rp) prize via paysafe to a random referral. I would like to thank you all for your time, judging by reactions i can understand you or your friends have been scamed over and over again, just like me and my friends. My only ways to prove anything to you is: 1) You can trace me on my MAIN account, in facebook. scamers always hide their identity.If this was a scam, shouldnt i too? 2) Only legit competitions and contest can last longer than a year. i plan to do this for over a year, so we ask as a favour this: check us back later, you dont have to participate. if you find yourselves still interested, we'll be glad to have your support and participation! Thank you all, once again. SKYscreamer.
  12. there are a lot of suspected competitions and scams. in time you might believe.. check me out in two months again. that i hope would make for you a better opinion.
  13. Hey all, how's it going? We've decided to start 2 competitions, with some giveaways. Competitions have already started, and there are 1) on YOUtube, and 2) on Facebook (<- that's basicly ingame) if any of you are interested read the rules & descriptions! To check out the YOUtube contest, click here or the YOUtube image below. In this contest prize is 975rp & 40-win ip boosts. To check out the Facebook INgame contest, click here, or the Fbook image below. In this contest prize is 1779rp (10euro paysafe card). if any of you have any questions, issues, or even ideas regarding the competition, i will personally check out this forum page tomorrow again, or you can contact us at or on facebook contact us page or on our MundoRP Youtube channel. Reaching reading this far, makes us happy! thank you for your time!, and good luck to any of you participants in our contests! SKYscreamer. UPDATE Feb 29 2012 3:35am : (reupdate within 48-72hours) Subscriber's contest: 123 subscribers February winner:allajohn1: +975rp +40win ip boosts Fast competitions: "Legend" (prize 4-win IP boost / the 1st correct answer) 27-Feb winner: ThatGuyWithRice riddle:i will reduce your physical damage, i will knock you up, even knock you back if i want to! Correct answer: Baron Nashor Referral February contest: 4 referrals (prize chance: 25% / per referral) February winner:(none until 29th February) Summoners participating: - lDjNanos - iDominator - MundoRpFTW - I_BEND_METAL
  14. MY GIRL IS BI greek subs parody! Δειτε ΝΑ ΓΕΛΑΣΕΤΕ!!