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  1. I'm workin' on something and if someone can give me a hint where should search and edit them would be great. I guess it's about core edit , not HTML because i've already checked the HTML's and i hit on rock... :okey:
  2. You Forget Custom Items "Custom The only custom from armors/weapons will be Titanium and Epic Dark Night Armor. They both have same stats tho. The Price is the same for both armor and same stats. So if someone does not like Epic Dark night armor can Buy Titanium and vice versa ;)."
  3. That helped me alot ^^ i was starting to think that my pxh don't work :/
  4. Before few months i downloaded one patch with that shows me the drop , spoil and stats of the NPC's (its client mod) include i think skillgrp.dat, skillname-e.dat and some more but i dont remember, The info is shown in the target window you where are the other skills and abiltyes of the monster, also shows the level and if its agressive, but i dont know how to search for it , dont know what is the correct name ... If someone have it , please share with me , or someone maybe can post a link to a topic. Thanks!
  5. OK , i am looking for server since 2-3 days and dont find one... But this topic is not about that. I made it becouse all the server (or most of them) are full of customs. And the customs are like equals ... you know - Epic , Titanium , Platinum , Dusk , Dynasty , Vesper and etc. I search in 35-75x servers , even higher and lower and I spot Customs again. What the f*ck is going on with you "Admins" of servers. Can't you think before make server. Also the enchant rates , if i start to count how much servers are with Max 30 safe 5 and 75% ... they will be more than 50% of the servers.
  6. Hell you are crazy man , sorry i know you have to pay taxes but , 40 euro for +16 a grade weapon , +0 Titanium Armor Set ( that seems to be with big stats) , +10 S Grade Jewel Set (NOT Boss Jewels), just tell you made the server to earn some money from donation then close it. Its Donator server so i stop to the site and not join it. Man go to the earth dont be blind and see!
  7. Look its like On your main you add All skills of a class from your race. Like you are Necro level up till 79, and you can take paladin skills , but you are still necro. It's not a sub class, but you can stuck skills on sub class which is kind of a cool feature :) , but the main problem i have is if i get critical error or what ever , i just cant join again, i have to wait >:( which is realy annoying, or if i log in i am without anybuff on my character.
  8. I'm looking for server that you learn all skills from all classes. Not stuck-sub. Any rate from 20-10000x. You should know what i mean , just to learn the skills that i need from any class i want. :) I hope there exist such server ....
  9. But in top i see player with Arcana Mace +17 1 BG Goddess Arcana Mace - Acumen 17 Storm Screamer http://www.l2wars.com/?main=topenchants Fail? Or!?!?!?
  10. If works why no one posted pic ????? ah ?? It doesnt work! fake and g*y!
  11. Why you aways do the same armors and effects (not only you i mean , but every one) aways epic, epic , epic ... change it! Invent new one , be creative.... it have so cool armors like clan oath armor (d grade) ...
  12. Hallo and wellcome, Have a nice MaxCheating :P
  13. CS:Source is much much better ;) better graphics , physics and etc.