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  1. you are amazing dude :) thanks a lot its look even better than i thought you are star :)
  2. Offer is still available and paid
  3. i will be very happy if you can do something for me thanks in advance
  4. thanks a lot for suggestion but even that i wont be able to make it like someone who know how to work with photoshop and will take me days to do it i dont have that time atm so if anyone is interesting do to it for small pay i will be so happy Thanks again
  5. Hello there I have a logo that i try to make with cool background but believe me was even worst than the original one i can pay something small if anyone is interested to do this for me This is the logo im using atm I looking for something like that style and some background like this or something similar this is the best i can do like background and is really look ugly when i use it on video
  6. thx dude the one u give me it good but export is one by one :( i just found what i looking for http://www.gildor.org/en/projects/umodel#files can export all in one click
  7. Hello there Time ago i found a software that extract all systextures from one file in to img but dont remember the program name anyone have idea?
  8. than isn't part of the windows because file with name msvsrt.dll do not exist in the windows in any versions ​just check if u have msvcrt exist on your windows
  9. you mean Msvcrt.dll ? How To Fix Msvcrt.dll
  10. yes I have same fake that are pvp/farm/teleporting/chating/privet shop sell/buy/walking/random spawn/.......... but not selling them :) don't want the whole L2 World to be only fake players
  11. GL with your selling ​P.S where is going this L2 World ? packs coming with fake players :)
  12. Hello there Anyone know or have idea how much Data Traffic will generate server with 100-200 online ?
  13. +1 after spend 10 min to read all 5 pages with posts i didnt get Lucera is stable pack ? Lucera is full of bugs or not ? Lucera is good to support low,mid,pvp or none rate ? Lucera retail IL features are working(or missing) very good , ok , so so , very bad ? Anyone runing lastes Lucera pack in live server with good population ?
  14. when you dont have time and have money take open-soruce project find skilled developer to work for you and make the way you like this pack Because something like 100% fixed pack dont exist in this world always will be something that need be fixed or that is not working correct or you want to work in another way so that the best suggestion i can give if you dont wnat to be scramed with some shit pack
  15. sound very well if you post some previews on the app will be nice to see how is work and is look very handy i was waiting for something like this long time ago until the one of the free projects die years ago
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