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  1. s olous ts srvr doulevi t bot, analogos t bot 8a ine, px an bis st l2tower forum ine enas tipas p enikiazi bot p doulevi s olous ma s olous ts srvr
  2. downloading.. hope it will have much ppl for pvp
  3. again this corrupted server? no thanks..
  4. Active GMS: NO BALANCE: NO(its l2archer) Also OP donations, chance of enchanting to +20 or more is less than 1% and there are too many people with +22-23-24 with fuckin donation
  5. an o srvr s mazepsi pano ap 200 atoma ka8ome na m gamisis
  6. 00 hours 59 minutes 46 seconds until opening Less than an hour!! go go go:D
  7. m tlm kovi pio poli alla opos pezi kanis oxi file m, otn pigenis solo 8a apotixis, prepi na exis ap piso wc/bd/sws opos k dipote oxi file m dn dinese ap cata.. dn t pezo magas, apla s dior8ono gt exis polla la8akia k dn bika stn diadikasia na t diavaso olo, apla t 2 pramata p diavasa itn la8os, alla auto pai analoga ps pezi kanis k s pion srvr pezi gt opos ktlvno ise t pedi t core k t mafia filika pada
  8. epd ekanes es guide g duelist k 8es karma ola t alla s fenode fail? fail k auto: http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=177857.45 STN POUTSARA MAS!! k mi 3e8avis palia 8emata, last post:August 04, 2011, wtf 2013 exoume k episis st proigoumeno guide g duelist p ekanes post "fail" opos egrapsa pio pano pali 3e8apses arxeo topic, last post:May 30, 2012
  9. mj heavy stn duelist? pios o logos?:S EDIT dn vgazi kapio noima alla tespa k gt na pas cata g exp ap t 20-76 file mas? s pious srvr epezes stn mafia k stn core k ekanes auto t guide? an as ap t 20-76 cata 1on meta t 50-60 8a apotixis an pas solo opos les k 2on pos 8a di8is agori m m t AA??
  10. LF interlude/gracia mid rate x15-x80 and ofc RETAIL l2j/off opening this week or opened few days ago