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  1. You are right about everything ... we think on same way :) for sure Gracia Final is one of the greatest chronicle for play.
  2. Hello everybody. I wondering which chronicle will be more interesting for play IL , GF , H5 , GoD ?!
  3. Well well well ... you are still here mr. Liar how is it going business to steal money for your "Vanganth" -> "vamp" l2off files ... lol... don't worry I forget about this 250euro ;)... and i learn my lessons about girls like you ;)... About the topic .... leave that man to share his opinion... and help him if missing something don't judge him for missing information. LOL
  4. It's good to see good old worthy server. We will be there ... Join tonight and conquer the challenge.
  5. All known bugs are fixed... Be prepare for grand opening 12.07.2014.. Expecting 1000+ Players... don't miss your chance join and show no mercy. SITE OF L2Psycho - http://l2psycho.net/ Exp: 30x Sp: 30x PartyExp: 2.0x Drop: 20x Spoil: 15x Adena Drop: 20x RaidDrop: 7x GrandBoss: 1x GrandBoss jewels(drop 1): AQ:50% Orfen:70% Core:70% Zaken:Baium: 100% Valakas: 100% Antharas: 100% Frintezza: 100% QuestDrop: 7x QuestReward: 2x Quest Adena Reward: 5x Quest Exp/Sp Reward: 15x Manor: 3x Enchant: Safe Enchant : 3 Safe Full Body : 4 Max Enchant Weapons: 16 Max Enc
  6. After long research we descide to clean up and fix all known bugs / skills / Grand Bosses / Drop / Spoil / AI / and much more is reworked and ready for new fresh clean start !!! 07.07.2014 - OBT Join and checkout new perfect server for gaming !!!! SITE OF L2Psycho - http://l2psycho.net/ Unique PvP Balance - No more Mages hits for 100 dmg on full ressists , No more OP Archers and Daggers ! Balanced Mana potions Reduced Epics Respawn time (example baium 4 days + small window time) Barakiel Respawn 7hours +2hours random time Exp: 30x Sp: 30x PartyExp: 2.0x Drop: 20x Spoil: 1
  7. Don't trust that guy Outlaw™ and please review this what i'm posted and if need more information about his schemes i can provide it !!!!
  8. Scammer : Outlaw™ This guy offer me to support me bcs he know vanganth and he has contact with him and he will arrange the deal with him to buy extender from him. After all arrangement he send me some kind of public files ... like cracked dvamp and everybody can use them ! And then after he swear that files are from vanganth and he is close friend to him he was kind and show me how to manage them on my dedicated server. After that he gave me one yahoo messenger ID and tell me to buy from that messenger the antiddos system ,.. ( It was his yahoo messenger ) because i had no time to think
  9. Yep and you don't understand when someone say to you it will be fixed soon as possible ... you start scream like hell !
  10. you are right @bartoruiz i apologize for that. I learn my lesson and for future will know what to do before ask :)
  11. yes you are right ;) now i should find some teacher who will teach me on l2off how to.
  12. Once again thank you for advices and sorry if i offence you !
  13. @Asmo Ofc you are right... if i want i will type .... much as i want dots ... ...... and you are mabye another one who is born with knowledge .... ( No offense ) I'm Sorry Who was you to gudge me what can and what i can't write ?! Well for dump or dumb ffs We are humans what we can't make mistakes or ?! Once again i'm pretty sure everybody with skills think they are get GOD for balls and others are nothing for them ! Plese if you can't answer me properly just don't answer me or delete topic Look i'm not here to arguine with ppl. I just want little help for that to choose the exten