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  1. I have a high five GvE source, I was about to open a server with it but I moved on game development. Let me know if interested. You can also find me on skype: DjSt3rios
  2. You can make up to 300$ in a single day. You can get it from here: https://www.mediafire.com/?a3chdp6b4f3nxd0
  3. There is a website that gives every day bitcoins, litecoins and more for free. The more refferals you have, the more you make. Click here to register.
  4. www.l2arion.com Rates - Experience (XP): x75 - Skill Points (SP): x75 - Drop (Adena): x200 - Drop Spoil : x15 - Drop (Items): x15 - Drop (Raidboss): x2 - Drop (GrandBoss): x1 - Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1 Quests (Noblesse Quest item drop chance on server 66-100%) Drop (Quest Item): x2 Quest Reward: x2 Enchants - Safe Enchant Weapon: +3 - Max. Enchant Weapon: +16 - Max. Enchant Armor: +16 - Real Chance (for Regular Scrolls): 40% - Real Chance (for Blessed Scrolls): 65% Bosses (Epic Bosses) 85 Level - Valakas: 10 hours / Random + - 1 Minute 80 Level - Antharas: 10 hours / Random + - 1 Minute 80 Level - Baium: 6 hours / Random + - 1 Minute 80 Level - Zaken: 6 hours / Random + - 1 Minute 80 Level - Core: 4 hours / Random + - 1 Minute 80 Level - Orfen: 4 hours / Random + - 1 Minute 80 Level - Queen Ant: 4 hours / Random + - 1 Minute 80 Level - Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 2 hours / Random + - 1 hour (3-4 hours) Features - 100% L2official Platform - Interlude - 100% Working all Interlude features - Olympiad Period - 1 Month (End of Week) - Castle Siege Every 2 Week - Full working skills, classes (Balanced) - Noblesse Quest full working (Retail) - Working Fortresses, Clan Halls and Castles - Full working Raid / Grand Bosses - New Buffer 1 hours buff time - Buff slots 26 (+4 Learn with Divine Inspiration) - Sub-class (Max+6), Nobless Quest Official - EveryHour Event TvT CTF (Reward: Event Item) - 100% Protection Against 3rd softwares - Offline Shops Working(Fix Your Shop And Exit Game) - Autoloot system, Autolearn skills - Mana Potion (200MP Delay 0.5 seconds) - Agumentations System For Weapons - Life stone Skill chance: LS-30%, Mid-60%, High-65%, Top-75% - GM Shop up to S grade - Craftable - Full Working Geodata - Commands .away .back works - .deposit for create gold bar .withdraw to createor Withdraw Gold Bars-Adenas - Command .menu Works For Player Options! - Command .xpon .xpoff works - Command .buffon .buffoff works - Wedding Manager Retail Work All bug reports from the old Server are fixed. Stabile server tested with 1500+ players online. This is complete list of features. Server will launch on (22.3.2015)
  5. Tt looks nice but it's true proxies will be an issue. Thanks for sharing anyway, I will download it.
  6. Thank you. The server has now more than 700 players online, and this is the second day of the server. I think we'll reach 1000 soon. Join now people ;)
  7. Server went live right now and we already have 90 players online within the FIRST MINUTE! Join now!
  8. Players Online: 700+ ! L2Arion is a low rate(x15) High Five server. We have a lot of events and we are constantly working to add new features to make your gameplay interesting. Everything pretty much works with the community board, a nice and interesting panel for all your needs. SERVER RATES XP: x15 SP: x15 Adena: x12 Drop: x9 Spoil: x9 ENCHANT RATES SAFE: +4 MAX: +12 Normal Scroll Rate: 52% Blessed Scroll Rate: 60% Crystal Scroll Rate: 60% GENERAL FEATURES Auction System TvT Event Last Hero Event Fight Club Event Capture The Flag Event Drop Calculator Panel Raid Boss Status Panel PICTURES MAIN TOWN MAIN PAGE NPCs GATEKEEPER BUFFER EVENT PANEL AUCTION SYSTEM RAID BOSS STATUS DROP CALCULATOR HARDWARE INFO CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3.4GHz RAM: 32 GB DISK: 240GB SSD Connection: 1GBPS DDoS Protected JOIN NOW! WWW.L2ARION.COM
  9. L2WarGate is a classic faction server. You get one adena per kill. However, we have many unique features to reward you and make the game more exciting. One for our unique features is refferal system. The refferal system is simple, tell your friends to join our server and tell them to put your character name as refferal. From that point, you will earn 20% of what your friend makes, even if you are offline. How amazing is that? We have plenty of cool features, such as secret chests, capture the flag event, and much more. We keep developing the server, making new modes and exciting features. Here is one promotional code, redeem it to get 30 adena bonus: L2WARGATE-MAXC-HEAT-ERSP-ROMO Website: www.l2wargate.net
  10. Well I guess you could get the person who dealt the most damage, and give the kill to that person. It won't be hard to code.