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  1. whoaa, what a shame that nc soft didnt do sth like that from the beggining
  2. The glow doesnt go with few weapons, anyway, thanks for share.
  3. Youre not able to forward any ports if ure using a modem. Only routers with a built-in softwares may do that. [Correct me if im wrong]
  4. xDDDD Incredible :p A bit too large in my opinion :p Isnt it too heavy to keep it on the head :p ?
  5. Awesome! Thanks a lot, something what ive been looking for a long time.
  6. Hmm, good share, thanks mate! Ill try it as soon as possible.
  7. I play on dragon and have no problems like that -.- If u try to find mob from the list, type Treasure Box (Capital Letters). Don't know what else could cause the problem..
  8. Angel slayer: black edition is cool indeed. Sword of Templar: looks a bit too strange. Thanks for share anyway.
  9. So you must play on server with Treasure Chests only, where using TH with unlock skill (bot) also will be useless. Don't say it's not working cause it's working. Choose Treausure Chest instead of Box and it will work (but u will die because Chests will hit u).
  10. Make for example sps + pp for killing chests only and third char for opening boxes.
  11. Best thing ive gained from this forum so far; thanks a lot dude!
  12. Hmm.. Dropping weapon on the floor is a bit risky. Anyway, i think it was just a luck.
  13. I guess u will have more problems to maintain the server if u choose the second option (pvp). Mixed pvp with not boring exping would be the best choice for me.
  14. Playstation 3 is better cause it's newer but Xbox is cheaper and good enough for playing games. Personally, I would choose Xbox.
  15. What do u think about KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2? These are rpg games which take place in the Star Wars universe. I played kotor 1 something like 2 years ago, it was a nice game at all. Did u play the second part? What are your opinions?
  16. Well done, my friend :d Clear, easy to understand tutorial. Thanks for share.
  17. 35 subbed chars, wtf!? If its true, youre rich xD
  18. divine1

    My art

    The last one is so mysterious :D I like it.
  19. Interesting sharing as usually. Thanks.