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  1. Thanks for share, might be helpful sometimes.
  2. If u want to get exp for spoiler, i recommend fields near aden (hatar hanishee, hatar ratman boss) as u can spoil a lot of EWC during your exping. Btw, its good place to become more rich.
  3. Thanks anyway, now i know that all of these methods dont work :p
  4. What about topic 'what music do u like' :> This topic is similar so both to spam or both stay where they are :p
  5. Current: k750i SE Planning to buy / would like to have: k850i
  6. More information and a little instruction and it would be awesome. Thanks anyway.
  7. Have no idea what could have happened. Try configuring everything from the beggining. Havent u done any changes short time before it started to be wrong?
  8. Whoaaa, i want to play this now! ;p Waiting..
  9. Thanks for information. Ill check this out.
  10. Had similar problem, my char didnt attack mobs (everything was fine 1 day before). I checked the box 'grab players monsters' and it started to kill any mobs.
  11. Cant say yet, but looks fine :> Waiting to have 200+ posts ;)
  12. wxmanager "[...] It brings features of various other tools together into one interface. [...]"
  13. divine1

    ANIME !!

    Dragon ball for me.
  14. Thank you, kind man. Maybe i will finally start learning this sh1t.
  15. http://pl.youtube.com/watch?v=V1XXiRU7uDo ;)
  16. Try to change the port, maybe its used by another application, try to forward the port if u have a router.
  17. Thanks a lot. Very useful tool ;)
  18. Thanks for share but unluckily doesnt work on my server.
  19. For servers with c2 or c3 (if they exist) its very useful i guess.
  20. If c5 comes, th/pal with his angelic icon would be great i think.
  21. Give me your luck ;) its so damn nice that i cannot believe ;p