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  1. could be easy if you leave original clan and create one just to loose karma...if you are the leader of big clan then that could be a problem
  2. really sounds slow to kill raid boss like that, if more ppl teleport then it should be easier would it not ?
  3. I think the enchant must give some kind of benefit than just pretty colors in your weapon, maybe it's not the greatest change but if affects something
  4. Aden of course, huge and i think one of themost difficult to siege, but then again i haven't sieged much castles lately
  5. saggitarius is the most balanced, with some dyes you can increase attk spd. and mantain more hp than the others. ps. maybe you didn't find anything b/c you looked for bow, not archer.
  6. jujuju great to make keys with dagger, thx a lot
  7. also you could try to use a macro to unclothe yourself and therefore have no defense....although it could take longer and more coordination. good post will try it for sure, thx.
  8. male dwarfs look sooooooooooo gay when walking i had never noticed it before damn !! jajajajajaj
  9. Doesn't load .... T_T not even b/c i looked for it in google :(
  10. hahahaha never thought this information would be so usefull, i was so wrong, good thing someone thought of it, great info thx a lot
  11. me like , thx a lot already using...but this can only be used in forums am i right ? anyway good post
  12. i just want to say keep up the posting, a lot of ppl gave you harsh answers but every contribution is good, the moderators are here to moderate, so they will know if a post should be moved.
  13. It is as if a light shone above me as i read the whole thread, wow really usefull lot of things i had no idea. YTMND
  14. lol mixing 2 great games and 2 great genre, rol and fps jajajajaj just what i am looking for
  15. I too like solo pvp but party is much more fun, except when someone is lagging, i prefer critcal party at that b/c the amounts of hp of all the players, and well buff criticals pour like water.