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  1. Hi, I wanna trade my necro78/bishop78 + retail sps75 on NM x30 for he/pp or he/warlock on NM or l2phoenix ! for more pm me
  2. Interested in items for Mage and Archer ;D
  3. im interesting in some subed chars on DN [not Dragon] or L2 Phoenix !! ;D
  4. Server Name ----- Multiselling Packets --- Multiclass ---- GMSkills ---- Lance&Dagger30k anonymous 2000x ----------YES-----------------YES-----------YES--------------YES sinsofblood 2000x -----------NIE-----------------YES------------NO---------------NO DexControl 1000x -----------YES-----------------YES-----------NIE---------------YES L2Hero PvP 10k x ------------NO------------------NO------------NO----------------NO L2-Silence 5000x -------------NO------------------YES------------NO---------------NO kingdomofKings 5k x ---------NO-------------------NO----------
  5. Hi, I have for sell or trade my Acc with Pr/Bd 77/74 on server Raven and Necro 66 on Shadow Im interesting in acc with char on Raven ;]
  6. boooring ... somethink better for me ?
  7. Colin McRae died ... Rest in Peace [*]