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  1. Ahh, give me money to buy a new computer to play crysis.. :p Looks so damn good, argh!
  2. The shield looks really great. Good work, ftw!
  3. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=17554.0
  4. Firstly: I found the way how to use l2walker to open boxes with keys. Secondly: Tested on l2walker 1,46. Thirdly: Remember: killing chests ensures that boxes will respawn. I Prerequirements. 1. Mons Setting: All Treasure Boxes: Attack, other monsters: Not Attack. 2. Items Setting: Everything can be ticked as Pick and Store; a) Only Pick Mine - tick b) Pick Up Item Before ATK - tick c) Pick Up Item Distance - tick - 500 3. Policy a) Far Attacks Tick use Far Setting When Target Is In >>>50
  5. Thanks a lot for your guide. Useful, easy to understand.
  6. Thanks for share, dude. Good program ftw!
  7. I guess its useful cause there is a possibility to search the log (my version of l2w cant do that, dont know how about newer).
  8. Registration required.. blah. Thanks for that upload anyway. If i have some free time ill download it.
  9. If u want to run a server on your computer its normal that windows server edition will be the best...
  10. Great :D I used to play mk3 and mk4 when i was younger :p
  11. Spam is everywhere.. Not even 200 posts.
  12. Hmm. I have nothing against mutants wipe on Dragon x15.. There are too many powerful characters that make the game hard for new players.
  13. Aston sux, it used to restore original xp theme during some problems / errors.
  14. Thanks, something from me: http://www2.zippyshare.com/ I prefer this site for audio files, btw up to 100MB per file, 1 month lifetime (not for 100%).
  15. Firstly, site language is not english. Secondly, i must pay. All in all, nothing 'super ultra special'.
  16. Thanks for all of these links. Useful pack, ftw!