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  1. jurgutis


    so this DN server is very good i see a lot of post about it but i didnt test it whats good in it??
  2. ;D ;D hows the sunrise server i played it earlyer ??? ???
  3. these champion mobs are good stuff but for a normal server i wouldnt recommend it
  4. LOL its very old trick i was doing it very long time but in many servers its fixed for sure
  5. what to do ?? i ran databese instaler i putted mysql directory i whrote root l2jdb localhost and i get this error somehow i pased that problem but now its this http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/7805/74134328rr4.jpg[/img] its seas that armor.sql is bad ?? or what??
  6. this game rock i sugggest to try it
  7. or you want that scrolls would give 100+ that 1 scroll puts +100 ??
  8. these www.l2-underworld.net and http://www.l2athebaldt.com/ the best for now i think if you want to try kamael and have good fun :P :P
  9. OH yuo are a real smart man arent you ?
  10. in some works and in 2 servers got jail for a week ;D ;D