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  1. Price updated - 200 Donator Coins - 120 E. That's 0.6 E / donator coin !!!
  2. WTS 200 donator coins on Dragon - Network ( Valkyrie x9 Server ) - 120 E ( if you buy from GM it's 200 E ) also for buyer I will give 1 working exploit on that server, you can make ~1 kkk adena / day ( you can make more but you risk getting caught ).
  3. I think you're addressing this to the wrong crowd :). And it could be just a check package, besides, lots of people disable GG on retail :). It does get me a little worried cause I was keeping l2w opened on a private server while playing on retail with GG enabled. And by looking at the strings it seems it sends NCSOFT info about running processes.
  4. bump on this .. no one ? i know 100% it can be done ...
  5. L2Net or L2Walker for Eternia. server ip is : port is : 3303 For some reason i can't login with L2net, the system folder they give is modded and has some extra package they send to server i think Their system folder can be downloaded here: http://www.lineage2eternia.eu/downloads/eternia_patch-2.0.exe The l2.exe in there seems to be modified, and I can't seem to get past with a cracked system.
  6. Hi, I'm not sure of how many heard of this, I use it for official servers but I also noticed some functions work on private servers. It's radar is undetectable so you can use it 100% on any server since all it does is filter data that it gets from the NIC, using other functions ( especially ones that send packets to the server can be detected on servers that have high protection from botting: dex / rpgclub). Caution: TARGETING someone in radar is a packet sent by the ranger not client so high protection servers can catch on to that. However on servers like dragon-network that should not be