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  1. fisika mporeis na xrisimopiiseis diaforetiko walker version (arkei na einai simvato me hb ) gt poli apla pali ta arxeia l2walker.exe/dll einai , opote dn exeis prob. twra gia to peditor kati san decrypter einai i mallon mporeis na peirazeis merikes leitourgies apo kapoia arxei (p.x dll) , den kserw t na sou pw.. ksanadokimase.
  2. yeah because u have to ''unpack'' or ''extract'' ALL OF your walker files (that means l2walker.exe l2walker.dll sets ... etc... ) in your system folder !!!!!
  3. yes cause the programm peditor is not for lineage only... there are thousands (?) dll files. so u have to write it : l2walker.dll
  4. yeah as azrama is hellbound :D. and anyone who cant do this stuff , would like to oplad the ogg.dll file of his system and upload it so me or masterblaster can patch it !!
  5. thx for your feedback !!! At least one tried it ! i have been confused with the mxc these days !!!
  6. τα dll ta exw patcharei o idios , einai clean & safe , egw eftiaksa to ogg.dll to allo einai apo fyr** . gia to oog den kserw kati parapanw , mporeis na kitakseis pantws sto english section gia na deis pws t ekana kathws ke tis piges m .
  7. i have tested only for server azrama (l2hell) i hope it works for the rest : 1. Download to disable GG . this is for epilogue but worked just fine with hellbound (dont know why!!) U just put it in your system folder and replace it . 2.PE EDITOR (off link : http://www.softpedia.com/get/Programming/File-Editors/PEditor.shtml ) u open it , u press setup.exe ,and you press YES for creating registry entries . then it will pop up a windows with a red icon PEditor and setup .open PEditor .OK.OK until done :) 3.download l2 walker suitable for your client (IG) ( http://www.4shared.com/fil
  8. ok sorry but this is just a share and because i dont play official i cant help .. for private servers i have already done a different guide on server : Azrama , hellbound in greek section but soon i will post for the rest of the servers.. 1. make sure that all of your files are in your lineage 2 directory so they matches with the load file .. 2.try to press home when l2 is opened . that's all i know :(
  9. gia windows 7 checkare edw : http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=123109.0
  10. it is for official and i haven't test it but i found it to show it: 1. Download latest IG L2Walker and unpack it to your current Lineage 2 directory. http://www.towalker.net/down/L2Walker2.17d_en_new.zip 2.Download this and copy to you current Lineage 2 director http://dump.ru/file/4084019 MIRROR 3.download it http://fyyre.ivory-tower.de/wildcard_epilogue.rar and extract it in your system folder (REPLACE) 4. Run LoadDll and press 'Button1' Note: 1. Add whole folder to your Antivirus/Firewall exclusion list. 2. If you have some problems - try to run LoadDll in Windows XP
  11. ****dokimasmeno se win 7 64 ***** vasika xwris pareksigisi , den eida kanenan na to exei ws thema (mono oti den ginete exw akousw) epsaksa ligo vrika mia source ke post 16 jan .... tha eixa glitwsei to virtual XP...(to opoio einai athlio sto l2 alla teleio programma !!!!) dn m endiaferei toso to l2 ke den pezw . TO PIO GRIGORO GUIDE : <<<<Katevasma!!!>>>> 1. http://www.4shared.com/file/214692434/98ffdafa/ogg_By_ZaGlaS_4_Azrama__GG_by_.html 2..AN dn exete katevasei to ig walker apo edw : http://www.4shared.com/file/157324646/b46d2ea3/Oracle_L2Walker209
  12. lineage 2 some years? and dota 2? (hm... 5 years aprrox) Edited: POKEMON was my first burn xeexeex
  13. ne alla Unique Monthly Visitor Estimate: 757 :D dokimase ke esi kapoios... paw stoixima oti den paei katw apo 10k :D
  14. just wait for edit :D OMG. is off topic u know :D and just for fun? the have been worst URL appraisal $10,200.03 Domain Created Date: 2007-08-01 Domain Age: 2 Years, 117 Days PageRank: 1 Overall Site Ranking: 1,472,367 Unique Monthly Visitor Estimate: 757 Google Inlinks: 4 Google Pages: 7,980 Y! Inlinks: 7,297 Y! Pages: 13,641 * Top Level Domain: GREAT * Undesirable Characters: GREAT (0 Total) * Overall Length: OK (11 Length) when FB has $24,671,689,438.71 (OMG !!!)