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  1. If you had to take a side..which one do you think it suits you more and why? ;D
  2. Topic Update: Poll added (Vote and don't forget to say why)
  3. I want to buy any kind of L2Gold items(Weapons,jwelry,shields,armors ect.....) If you PM me in forum dont forget to tell me your MSN.You can also add me by your self to speak there directly(MSN),or send me an e mail(if you dont have an MSN i suggest you to make one so we can talk easily).I will answer you when i will be online(I am 8 hours online in forum and MSN daily). Mine MSN/E-mail: xdarkgr@hotmail.com (ADD ME ON MSN) TOPIC LOCKED TO AVOID SPAM
  4. In l2gold there is a system now which blocks you when you are going to dual box,i just can't open another window,it doesn't allow me.Is there a program that's bypassing that?(maybe it is already posted,it's just that i have used the search button but i didn't find something)