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  1. Heh i didn't know the timer still runs while offline :) . I don't have a running server. I just sometimes make some simple things on l2j to kill some time as i used to be a l2 player before ;)
  2. Hey, if you want to punish someone really hard then is prefered to ban him totally. Leaving him walking up and down in jail for weeks makes no sense as he can leave the pc open till the punish time finish. For me is prefered to jail someone for a short amo unt of time for light punishment which makes the quest not the best option to get out or jail him forever and put a really big number of required quest items in order to get out. If you don't want everyone collect the same amount of quest items you can also put an non destroyable quest item in inventory to those that get jailed depending of the punishment you want to have and modify the quest to show different quest item requirements when taking it.
  3. Since other topic locked cause link was dead and i haven't check forum for some time i reupload the files for the people that was asking for them: Remember it is for Freya server, Custom SQL tables must be created and enabled in order to work and you must add this line to your scripts.cfg in game\data folder: http://depositfiles.com/files/ze74gqcu6
  4. C3 i voted and if there would be second option C4. Maybe because my l2 enjoyment was on top back then...
  5. Quest is only necessary for Klein to teleport you inside lair of Valakas. If you are gm and got teleported to valakas heart and when talking you get the message you said propably you have an old pack cause in new ones works fine.
  6. Mporeis na mas dikseis ena screenshot tou login kai game server para8yrou otan sou kolaei sto loading? To pio pi8anon einai kapoio table ths db na exei error h na 8elei update.
  7. Epeidh to pack sou einai palio den 8ymamai pws akribws legetai to arxeio mesa ston fakelo config tou gameserver (Altsettings nomizw). Prepei na breis thn grammh AltSubClassWithoutQuests = False kai na allaxeis to False me True.
  8. What you need exactly? If its about how to use then on raid just have one on you and make sure that nobody on your party carries more than one on him. You don't need to click crystal to absorb soul in this case just make sure your party do the last hit on RB. You can try to lvl it from lvl 10-12 on: Lilith Anakim Baium Antharas Valakas Ember Azanakiel not 100% to absord successfully For up to 13: Antharas Valakas Ember Azanakiel (i think)
  9. Well at least on L2J a same dagger +0 and +1000 have crazy difference in dagger skills damage.
  10. Prwton an peseis katw apo 10 lvl apo to lvl tou skill pou ema8es teleutaio to lvl auto xanetai, 2on meta pou egine interlude ta box skane akoma kai an ta exeis ena hit kai 3on den exei dlvl NPC o server...
  11. I have solved the problem some time ago. For those who want to know just use skillId smaller than 9000 cause l2j Core needed some changes on L2PcInstance.java in order for skills to appear on skills window (however skill effects was ok on buff bar if was triggered by an npc or a potion).
  12. But it is copy-paste from other skill and it was copied on the 3 files mention above.
  13. I was thinking about adding a GM skill like earthquake but with bigger radius and power so i copied the line of it (id=347) on skillgrp,skillname-e,skillsoundgrp and changed the id to a new.i added it also to xmls but i can't see its icon when i add it to my gm. Did i forgot to add something on another file?
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