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  1. Feeling like listening to some good ol' music? WELL! Here you will find the best music that you have ever listened! This Radio is only possible with your help!!! YOU tell us what you want to listen! YOU want it? YOU have it! This Radio goes from Beatles to Skrillex, going through the best classical songs that you all heard! Thinking about that song that's been around your head but you don't know how it's called? Ask US! We tell you the name of the song AND you can listen it at the very moment! Feeling like learning some SPANISH!!?!??! WE TEACH YOU!!!! We are here to have f
  2. nope, sory, i dont speak russian, the walker its for a server that has the same anti-bot system :D
  3. as i don't see any place for Russian servers and i don't speak Greek, I'll post it here. I need the l2walker for pvp-game.ru server. (interlude) i think the ip is, i might be wrong, the problem is that every time i try to open l2.exe it says "L2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" sorry for my bad english :D thanks
  4. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?board=39.0
  5. Awesome man! ;D tyvm, now just need to find a server where it works... ::)
  6. i got installed the walker 1.99 And what i think is a GG killer (correct me if im wrong) from here http://mfyyre.narod.ru/ The server im trying to use walker in is: http://l2reloaded.org/ The server is hellbound l2 off here is my host... here is my system: system 2.rar Here is the error i get: http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/dibujo3oo7.png/1/w800.png[/img] if you need something else just tell me. PS: sory for my bad english :P
  7. re-upload please The file has been deleted. Reason: No download for a large period.
  8. no, you need AA to buy A grade and S grade but it's already unsealed
  9. come to www.cydonial2.com great server, no custom, balanced pvp, its just great, clan wars almost every day
  10. Prophet, Shillien Elder, elven elder, sword singer, 2nd job NO SIREN, NO RENEWAL, NO COV, NO POW, NO POWATER, NO POF, you have to make your own buffers.
  11. This is a new server....have only a few weeks....the comunity isnt very high...but the ppl are coming... Donations: Yeah, but donations are for normal items, not custom items, or Weapons-armor with enchants. they arent unbalanced donations...no inflict in the pvp. This is the best server....the pvps are very balanced...in pvp u can see Daggers/Mages/Archers/Tanks/Destroyers/Tyrants/Bishops/etc This are the donations: Star of Destiny U$ 10,00 Hellfire Oil (x1) U$ 10,00 Lunargent (x5) U$ 10,00 Scroll Blessed Enchant B grade Armor U$ 3,00 Weapon U$ 5,00 Scroll Bl
  12. Cydonia (New Server) L2 OFF Interlude NO DONATIONS-NO CUSTOM ITEMS Rates: Exp: 30x Adena: 30x Spoil: 5x Drops: 5x Auto Learn Skills. - Balanced class - Server hosted in United States - Multilenguals admins - Areas (100%) - Skills (100%) - 24 Buff slots. - Heros & Nobless (100%) - Fishing (100%) - Safe enchant +3 - Succes enchant rate Retail. - Catacombs/Necropolis (100%) - Seven Signs (100%) - 3°rd Job (100%) - Raid Boss (100%) - Dyes (100%) - Mana Potions in shops - GM Shop: Grades D/C/B for adena - A for adena and ancient adena - S f
  13. wrong section post it here http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?board=39.0
  14. Here I bring some links, walkers are having in other pages, but the probe and have neither Trojan horses, all with kaspersky, nothing injected, if they have kaspersky only see that is activated by the invader, the other thing: these links eh what actually tested myself, if they have doubts just unloaded, unloaded a total viruses, etc., you will see that none has viruses or anything like that, and I use myself: L2 walk off Gravedad Zero without VIRUS!: http://rapidshare.com/files/89558717...aleoN.rar.html credits kamaleon L2 walker updated maps: http://rapidshar