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  1. I have not been active for a year so I have no idea if it still works or not, all I did was update link. Suit yourself if you get banned or if it doesn't work.
  2. I'm not sure I quite get it I'm afraid. Does it match passwords with usernames ooor does it actually find the passwords or am I getting this all wrong?
  3. All I can say is that you should follow the settings exactly as I did or at least try to change some of them to suit your needs, eg. changing the settings from "Gracia-Hellbound-Kamael" to "Interlude", in case you need it for Interlude etc. ain't that hard to figure out.
  4. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=64465.0
  5. I wrote it in english? Not sure, as the changelog is in russian. The Interface has changed though and maybe the efficiency aswell? dunno really.
  6. What is it that isn't working? The 3.5 version or the packet hack in general?
  7. Well its not necessary at all to buy 100 weapons at the same time or anything like that. I was just using this particular image to expemplify what you need in order to make it work, namely a multisell GM shop like the one in the image above. Once the server you play on has one of those you will be able to perform the hack, IN CASE the server does not have an L2PHX protection of some kind. In fact, all you need is to buy one weapon from a multisell GM shop just to get the packet in L2PHX so you can modify it. Why it has to be a multisell GM shop? No idea
  8. You're welcome any day. And about the GM shop thing I'd like to post a screenshot of what I meant: Multisell GM shop: Notice how the player in this case has written in the number 100 in the bottom box in the window since he (apparently) would like to buy x100 of a certain weapon within the GM shop. Hope this helps!
  9. That means that the server is protected. Try another server because you've done everything correctly because if it would have worked you would have gotten an enchanted item but now it didn't since the protection is doing it's thing. Btw please have in mind that you should try to buy items from the GM shop, and from a multisell list, which means that u can buy multiple items simultaneously. This means that you can decide how many weapons you want to buy by entering a number at the bottom of the GM shop window and not just pick out the weapons in the slots, sorry if its confusing but
  10. Well your packet should be labeled as "Unknown" and an orange one not blue. WHen you press the unkown packet you will see a code on the right hand side inside L2PHX which usually starts with "68" and then you can proceed with the rest.
  11. As I said, you should be able to know the correct steps but I'll help you out. You need to copy the 6th and 7th number combo, example: 68 00 09 10 29 45 7A00 03 . . . (etc). After that you will need to paste the 6th and 7th numbers into the "Hex" box and then press the "word" round little box and then press the "<" button to convert the 6th and 7th number into Decimals. When you have done that, you will get some numbers on the left box and there you can change the number into what you want it enchanted for, example: If you got "1367" and you want a +20 , you would simply add
  12. No, as far as I know you don't have to. Let me know if its anything you don't understand.