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  1. I can't make it work on ertheia, the nwindow.dll error always pops up even after installing all listed Windows services
  2. The server seems promising, but you won't really get new players because we can't download the system.. I've been trying to download it since yesterday.. but this mega cloud is a piece of.. please give us another mirror for the system folder
  3. Why does it keep saying "You must first restart computer." Then L2click.exe has stopped working. I did (don't rly know why, waiting for a wonder..) but it didnt solve the problem. W7 x64 (i tried compatibility mode + admin rights)
  4. Well.. I tried the oog walker on 2 L2j servers.. as soon as my character made his first move i got a nice ban..:D
  5. hwo can I take out the sounds? i like them very much, theyre so cute^^
  6. A new official like low rate Lineage 2 server is about to start soon.. it is still in testing phase Rates will be: 7x Client (as already mentioned): CT 1.5 Hellbound More info soon..
  7. I couldnt manage to get into an L2j server w/ cracked OOG 10.9.0/10.9.3/10.9.7 12:45:54 Link LoginServer Succeed. 12:45:57 Login LoginServer Success. 12:45:59 Link GameServer Succeed. 12:45:59 ->Login GameServer Fail. I always stuck here.. anybody found a solution for L2j already?
  8. Dont come to this server.. GMs from clans and they help their own clans so only come here if you wanna play against GMs..
  9. I couldnt bypass the dragonians antibot system.. it has like 5 walls. When I could manage to bypass one ive faced another one..-.- Anyone tried it? http://l2.dragonians.eu quite a challenge actually.. good luck lol
  10. XP: 7x SP: 7x Adena: 7x Drop: 5x Spoil: 5x Quest Reward: 5x Very friendly GM staff, ~200 online players after 3 weeks Official like settings, No-item donation system(means u cant donate weps and armors and stuff like these) If you want to play on a server where still no players have A or S grades this is your server! Hellbound (or Gracia pt2) soon!! http://l2.dragonians.eu Language:English Be part of Draongians' reborning server!
  11. I cant download it, rapidshare says limit is reached -.- can anybody upload it please?
  12. t2avIss


    Which recording program is the best to record what is happening on my desktop.. not an ingame stuff like Fraps.. e.g: if im playing poker.. it could record it and save it to an mpg, mp4, avi(not in gigabytes..)
  13. 2011? omg.. everybody will get bored with playing L2..