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  1. on retail servers u can bot as hell with a billions of petitions against u ... and NCSOFT will do nothing as usual
  2. i like DN with his advantages and failures. but main reason is that no WIPE occured in the past since the start. It is result a big community of players. clearly DN is not a pvp server in which you build a char and let's go for pwn after one hour. it is a long time playing server for which you must invest in order to go to the top (without donaiton ofc). donation is a shame but you can again play and have fun without donation. With my clan we kill daily young pownzors with full S items obtained via donation... simply because this substack idea makes you char with a lot of skills and cons
  3. this is due to this sort of soft, and other, thayt know on DN chance to have EWx is veryyyy low :P in the past one EWS by hour at BS, now pretty useless ...
  4. hop http://l2p.l2wh.com/buffs.html Focus Chance: Critical Chance from front -30%, Critical Chance from side +30%, Critical Chance from back +60%. This includes the "blow" series of skills. Focus Death: Critical -30%, Blow land rate +60%, Critical Damage from front -30%, Critical Damage from back +90% Focus Power: Critical Damage from front -30%, Critical Damage from side +30%, Critical Damage from back +60% so for a TH in pvp: FC for lethal powaa ^^
  5. in fact it depends on your opponent 'cause resist to hold of QA ring also permits to decrease chance of being bluffed on several servers
  6. oops all my apol^^ :P i thought it was a mistake...
  7. Yes COD modern warfare is really the best for me :)
  8. I use AVG too; and in collaboration with Ccleaner i never had any pb ^^
  9. btw QA is good for resist for any class too ...
  10. Am i wrong or you speak about fallout 3 (since fallout 2 is very old ...)
  11. exactly! all use it for obtaining water resistance against SPS; but SPS has 2 holy strikes too ^^
  12. yep that it is exactly the real point of this map ;) and map of each fortress too
  13. i heard one called: 40thieves :P na other one: OneShot
  14. Ccleaner is the best anti spyware (very quick in comparison with spybot S&D) just try to see it ;)