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  1. Yeah... I forget change file type from ASCI to UTF8 :p
  2. Hello guys! I start my "solo project" to translate L2J H5 from english to portuguese, for now I have a problem because server don't recognize latin characters like "ç á é í ó ú ã õ" in HTML server files, I already put a mod to enable chat with this charatcters but I'm still in troubles with server files. Here is my startgs.bat: java -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 -Xms2624m -Xmx2624m -cp ./../libs/*;L2PS_Main.jar com.l2jserver.gameserver.GameServer In attachment a screenshot with the troubles in characters. Thanks all for help! Forget - Done by myself :P
  3. Tank class can't open subclass of tank class. This skills can't be learn for tanker classes.
  4. I don't found the first program, but i found the second. I decrypt the dat file and got jpg file. I crypt file again to dat. I put all files in OGG map folder. Don't work :/
  5. I'll share here my bot file spots. I'm use script to level 20 > 75 full bot without shots. 3 months to 75/75/75/75: now, ready to play :) Level 20-26 D Grade Common Weapon and Armor Lizardmans, near Gludio Town Level 27-32 Cruma Marshlands Level 33-40 Cruma Marshlands, near cruma tower. Level 40-48 Top C Common Set, +12 C grade weapon Ivory tower area, Formor Level 49-56 Outlaw Forest, Dinossaurs and Gargoyles (no 2x mons) Level 57-64 Forsaken Plains, near fortress Level 65-71 Top A Grade Armor, +10 A grade Weapon Blazing Swamp, bal
  6. I try unpack maps_hq in "maps" folder in OGG, but the new HQ maps don't appear. How to use HQ maps?
  7. I post this in elitepvpers too. I'm use this bot in retail lineage (gracia epilogue) A: "But i'm play Interlude server" R: Join old Super Mario World, is more funny. You don't have l2walker maps? Download here: http://www.4shared.com/file/C-_J5AWP/maps.html (A) Verify mode only OGG: Modify Hosts + Tunneling + L2W_LPM + L2W_Load Know issues: To party invite / party join you need script, the party command not work[/u] This is "the hard" way to bot :), great news: skills and item names are corrected!... vpnbot stop work, now you need a simple guide: 1
  8. I'm use Tunnel / L2W_LPM / L2W_Load but the party send / receive command not work. Anyone have information how to solve this error?
  9. My problem atm is not "work verify". I'm already verified but i'm disconnect after enter world.
  10. WOW! NICEEEE! This script is very usefull!!!