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  1. stating the obvious is meh :S... the thing is why it loads only 50% of the sqls...
  2. any1 has any idea why the it wont load armors/weapons/mobs and npcs? everything else works perfectly except that.
  3. i sell on chronos: wynn d elf 91 tw gear + apo weap etc+ noble wynn kamael (op) 87 tw + apo bow + 1bil cash + items that cost more than 500 mil tank d elf 92 tw +apo cutter+helth +4+frint+noble + some parts seraph (dont remember what exactly) iss 86 d elf event armor weap tyrr 87 tw+apo send me a pm if u want something and ur offer. dont ask my prices. i m quiting l2 and i sell all
  4. stack masteries means more fighters than mages... f.e. hawkeye+warlock= cat buff all the time (crit) +stack light armor mastery + p def from warrior+ light armor mastery from summoner +++++++ atk spd
  5. i sell tank 92 full gear and summoner 91 full geared (chronos) pm if u r interested (y i saw u want 93+ just asking)
  6. perfect bot. works perfectly on NA servers. easy to use /set up. nice work any1 knows how to make bot ignore specifyed mobs/npcs? like tresure chest (cant be killed and char keeps hitting em) and and some op mobs?
  7. Lv 92 D elf TW hv set lv 7 element frint neck +4 apocalypse cutter health+4 nobless wh full of elem stones/crystls/ mats( for R+) all Quest for all instances done.