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  1. How could I fix it, please? :)
  2. Hello. I have set l2walker for this server, but something is wrong. Could you help me, please? :) http://www.l2blaze.net/ Thank you
  3. Hello. Has anybody l2 walker ig for this server, please? Thank you very much
  4. Hello all! :-) I want to have L2Walker IG for Interlude, but i can't set it :-(. I have tried 3 versions of L2W but nothing works. I allways download it, but it's not for Interlude, but for gracia. Could you share for me some working L2W interlude, please? :-) Thank you
  5. i don't want to find full server pack, only the wich will works for me, can u give me any? :-)
  6. I mean, if i will do the good things, if will it work ;-)...
  7. I will do my best :-P
  8. So u're telling me that: 1)I will download any pack 2)to this guide http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=81843.0 3)then give the pack from step 2 to what folder? Could you upload me any good pack, please? only link... thank you ^^
  9. Hello, please, could anyone give me full IL/Gracia Epiloque pack for l2j? I mean clean pack and wich works 100% ;-) thank you
  10. I can't do it... When i klick ''1'' it closes very fast, and hexid.txt is not in the login folder :-(... now I am trying to download any clean datapack, can anyone help me, please? thanks
  11. I have done this, restart pc... but nothing :-( but I have problem with hexid.txt ... when i run RegisterGameServer.bat and tap 1, it does not the thing like in guide :-(, this could be the problem... could u upload interlude pack?(clean), please?
  12. and I have to set it where? :-) in server option?