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  1. Surly...I think that your suggestions Anni is good enough!
  2. We should add anni's ideas and the others section too...We can share maps and models and such things... These are the best!
  3. Thanks...I know about w3...lasthero(ex.) knows many things on it.. ;)
  4. I am really wondering why people post something without knowing forum rules...:/ IT'S NOT A WAREZ SITE OR A SERIAL/CRACK SITE.. Cheats only XD :P
  5. Ok here it goes: Cs Moderating: hax0r(GoDLiKe is better XD) , Anni , me XD W3/WOW Moderating: Thanos123 , TheLastHero and NotABastard Thats my proposals... GreetZzZ. Blane
  6. You're right...I am sure Maxtor will build the membergroup and add as as mods... We shall stop arguing...we are a BIG family,let's help ourselves to be BIGGER ;)
  7. I saying again...I amnot begging for this damn title....I am an old member(nS if you remember) and I am saying that I've been admin for like 3 years and know everything on rcon and amx mod...I know I haven't done many shares cuz I think I can make like 1000 shares on offtopics with progs and such things but I believe that this forum has not created for sharing OFFTOPIC progs...I mean...It has began with l2...anyway I don't tell anything or begging...I just say I know much and I can handle it with cs...Ask anyone you want ;) (nothing personal) Blane.
  8. Thanks for your words :) Building our own server moderating by us it's a good idea!Maxtor I have the cheapest host in the world(pm me for futher infos ;) ) Being admin for like 3years I know all the commands of rCon and amx mod :) Your proposals are quite good! I've started wow too but I am no yet so experienced so I can give a big hand only in cs :) C'mon maxtor go on!!! :P Just kiddin' it's your decision of course... I just say I am toO experienced in cs... :P[LastHero can confirm that toO :P]
  9. I can handle it with Cs Moderating... I am famous in Greece(huh psonio :P) I have my own server with name : Np Team.Ask every cs gamer... ;) Everyday full of players.I am playing since 1999.I am sure I can give a hand! :) (btw: I am not a new member of mxc...,I am nS.. :) )
  10. Megalopsixa euxome se olous tous ellines kai mi autou tou forum na ikanopoii8oun oi euxes tous sto kenourgio etos... Na eiste OLOI kala Me ektimhsh Blane(An auto to post 8ewrite ws spam tote sas parakalw na to metakinisete...) From the deeps of my heart I hope that all of your wishes,either if you are greek or not, come true with the beginning of the new year!!! I WISH THE BEST FOR YOU GUYS!!! Blane(If this post considers as spam then move it) TO MY LOVELY FORUM EVER TIME!!! nS ;) [and an olderrrrr user.... ;)]
  11. /off: RS links are direct downloadable? :S WTF?
  12. still useless...not working on 99.999999%of the servers... Thanks for share anyway... :)
  13. These all are bullsh*ts He just has too fast finger ... I know this man ... BTW: /offtopic :there's an aimbot for everything but I think it doesn't work properly for l2.. Look in your friend...
  14. i apli ekdwsi tou msg plus (www.msgplus.com) to kanei mono t.... :P