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  1. It's working on C5,L2off. It's very usefull while i am farming :]
  2. Try to write it better in english.. I cant understand everything.
  3. It is not bug. COV is normal spell. Better c.speed then faster re-use magic skills. So when you make Magnus before COV It shoul has faster re-use than before.
  4. tateossian jewells are 70 %... btw i dont think it is working. Sorry but imo you just trying to reach post but who knows maybe you discovered exploit... atm I am laughing
  5. Tested od Bake-Ice protected server Interlude and works perfect. Thanks for upload
  6. Can some1 upload patch and updates to another server? For example 4shared.com
  7. I dont think so. They nerfed only when you are full buff and epic wearing. On "normal buff" wild magic, emp you will hit more crit's than you were making before.
  8. PALADIN FTW! When you get 30 % hp you turn on Angelic Icon -> You can beat easy destro on frenzy by UD and AI.
  9. SPS/EE you get the biggest c speed by pow and toggle.
  10. dmitry501 can you upload this on another server?
  11. FrEeDoMe I have the same problem as you.
  12. It's old bug. Ppl's used it when interlude came first on l2j. Now its all repair.