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  1. Because people like to complain and start drama, thats why ^^. Ignore the ignorant comments, come checkout our beta server which had over 800+ players online this weekend! a new record! www.l2-titan.com for more info
  2. L2-Titan OPEN BETA UPDATE! Those of you who are offering suggestions and help in making this server even better will be rewarded with a cosmetic item of your choice (e.g., santa hat, pirate eye patch, monocle, etc) and an extra 10x bonus on all rates which will last for 12 hours. Thank you for all your help! For those interested in this, please make yourself known on the forums and we will add you to our list. We have identified a number of high quality testers already. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
  3. THanks come join us for beta testing! Check our website/forum for more details - www.l2-titan.com
  4. Did you think it ran on magic? no it runs on html, ofcourse its editable.
  5. Derp? You just derped yourself, its l2off, what shows thas its l2j? We are using the latest advext IL files. PROOF THAT SERVER IS L2OFF:
  6. The online count was not accurate while we were updating the website. Hence the '1337', it was a joke. calm down bud. L2 Titan just went into OPEN BETA less than 10 hours ago, we are still vigorously testing and we welcome all to come join us for feedback and fun!
  7. Visit us at www.L2-Titan.com! Join us for an Open Beta weekend, this weekend from 24 - 25 January 2015. Account creation is available now. Server will be open to the public on 24 January 2015, starting at 0900 Eastern Standard Time. Server will close to the public on 25 January 2015, starting at 2359 Eastern Standard Time. Purpose: - Collect feedback from players on features/changes they would like to see - Promote the server Server Stats: Data Center located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States Intel E3-1200 v3 Haswell Xeon 3.5 GHz 24GB DDR3 2x500 GB Raid 1 1 GBPS DDOS Protection Windows S
  8. the backdoors from shakal's version were easily patched. ty tho for both of these references.
  9. oh, yeah i get you now. when i was playing on renewal this bow was worth alot, you could probably trade it for a couple AQ's now.
  10. what? pm me your MSN if your interested in any of the items. we can work out a trade then.
  11. i had full boss jewels but i already sold them, read my post above "ONLY ACCEPTING MONEY TRADES, NO OTHER TRADES". 15 euros for a +13 SB focus is pretty much giving it away for free. im obviously quitting the server, why would i want more gear?
  12. no, i will not. when i say it can never be patched i mean it can never be patched. id be willing to sell the bow alone for 15 euros, seeing how you can donate for a +12 bow for 100 euros, this would be quite a deal :)