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  1. Playing on l2dex since the 1st day i've some items for sale necklace of frintezza +5 ring of ant queen +5 ring of core +5 earring of orfen +5 DC robe set +6 Tallum robe set +6 AM acumen+5 DB focus +10 FB health +7 IC set +3 Draco leather set +6/4/3/3 TTS Jewels +4/+6 All Available - PM for more Info P.S. (If you need something that isn't on list just ask)
  2. Selling l2 Lion Items Adena TT Set's DC Set's A Grade Set's Soul Crystals Power Leveling Msg Me
  3. Selling Cardinal main,(Sub Storm Screamer) Full DC +6, Orfen, Taetosian. Fulll Rebirth Rank 8 Soultaker Main,(Sub Archmage) Full DC +6, Baium,Valakas,Core. SOM +16. Full Rebirth Rank 24 Items Shining Bow Focus, Ant Queen Augment Refresh (Mage Fighter) Augment Focus Adena
  4. For sure im gonna try it :) Miss GvE style servers
  5. Compiled .......http://depositfiles.com/files/vwtj9m3pb
  6. Im realy going there with my clan :P Nice stacksub new server i was w8ting for this
  7. Vendo conta metin 2 sura armas 77 , g9 g1 g1 g1 equips +9 full's selene , reds com Shaman lvl 75 g1 g1 g1 m8
  8. hi, mass gatekeeper teleport castle of Rune Godard and sttugard already fixed? last time i test not working......
  9. its easy,download demo pack and test hellbound..... ???
  10. you r the only idiot here.. im talking about the real source l2jinfinity not the demo.......nothing works there all bugss ,,, if you want i can give you the last revision and go test...... im warning you.. they commit all customs without test,, this is the l2jinfinity pack.Problem is the devs they not fix bugs only add more.....