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  1. of course you can ... just spend half an hour soeing to town to figure out the 3 places you spawn at then write a script with 3 conditions at the top that will take you wherever you need to go
  2. l2j kamael servers have a messed up packet structure, stick to IG, oog will give you packet errors/disconnects
  3. lots of private servers have an addon that blocks walker from "seeing" PCs HP, that doesnt mean walker isnt working though As to MP, you can never see PCs MP unless they are in party with you
  4. de th palevete mia .... o allos leei vrika pws 8a spasoume to gameguard kai deinei link gia to website ths etaireias pou ftiaxnei to gameguard ok vrhka kai gw pws 8a spasoume ta vista -> www.microsoft.com
  5. Like the topic says, looking for ultra high rate (like x4000 or whatever) server that supports the kamael client and has a GM shop. I dont need a *good* server or whatever, I just want to test out armor skins for my sub on official :)
  6. dunno what kind of protection that server has but you ll also need a token at the very least aside from ip/protocol/port
  7. bosses arent affected by lethal strike skills , at least on serious/good servers this might work on really bad servers
  8. http://www.postpacific.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8189 http://www.postpacific.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9355
  9. of course you loose when you disconnect, that's how people feed on official, click exit when they see they are fighting a friendly
  10. presumably you play on some random private server CT1 packets are COMPLETELY different to Il/C5/C4 packets... if your server is c4 modded to Ct1 then yeah, walker will probably not work
  11. Umm if you exit game while in olympiad stadium you loose the match so yeah ... lame post
  12. he's been posting this crap for like a month now ... why dont you mods/admins just ban the looser?
  13. you can move when you have hero UD or Shield of Faith ( shield of faith = party ud, a 79 tank skill) You cant move with regular ud
  14. Toses mazemenes mpourdes exw xronia na dw sth zwh mou 1. to script sou (o 8eos na to kanei script dld) DEN 8a epiane Ingame Walker mias kai to mono pou tsekarei einai posh wra kanei na dialexei char h teleport to application ... IG = Live Client, exei akrivws ta idia delays dld me to an paizeis xwris bot. 2. Prepei na sai oxi trellos, oxi parafrwn, apla asxetos me adminiliki gia na loggareis KA8E teleport pou kanei KA8E user s ena server me 3-4-5000 users, exeis kamia idea to mege8os tou logfile pou 8a parhgage ayto to prama? 3. O la2crazy exei ontws sniffer, legete fire.dll, pa