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    Kitoshi the Gladiator {NoMercy} !!!
  1. How can i make my own server with this mod ... ? I a noob i can't make my CS with this plugins ... Someone can make cs+jump mod with /cp , /tp and give me link to download it ....
  2. Pls help i can't find Zaken's map for the ship.......
  3. Don't SPAM for posts!!! And this sector is for english disscusion not a greece or something another.....!!!
  4. Hello guys how i can install l2 when i have 36 arhives.... In a different foldes from a 1-10,11-20,21-30,31-36 and extract?!! And install every files in folder 1-10 afther thath second and ..... Or in one folder all from 1-36 and extract ?! (but on ever 10 packets files are replaced.....)
  5. [glow=red,2,300]Good job!!![/glow] [move]It's very usefull for us ![/move]
  6. [glow=red,2,300][Hidden Text: You need 200 posts or become a Donator or Platinum Member to see it] [/glow]
  7. X0xiax0ha0xha0xh0a ;D spam spam spam
  8. Omg on CT1 u can move with UD but your speed is decreased ...... I'm never heared on c4,c5 or interlude DA or Paladin to move with UD ..... Why all lie ?! If u can move when u are a noblesse or become a hero this is very bugged server.......