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  1. U need char of any kind and u need to use Shadow Weapon is that easy when u hit the RB dont hit back so u will kill him alone or with 2 ppl in 20 mins xD
  2. there was other post before me for easy adena i just told better way i didnt see on what section srry for that
  3. Need 2x Chars U make store on first char with mana pots ex. 300k each And with other char u make summon ex. Cougar and when u sit buy pots for 600k u trade all the money to the summon inventory So if someone buy from potions and try to sell you he will not be able to x)) Is kinda usefull u can go afk and make adenas xD
  4. u must make lvl 40 th/aw/pw and get the quest for 2nd class in hunters vilage (warior guild) u make the quest and in one part u get 20 gbs from a three then u put gbs on other char abort quest and make it again if u want it takes 40 minutes try it it works 100%
  5. u must make Tank/Archer and use UD then use snipe then UD is over u can walk with snipe is kinda usefull
  6. i have necro/pp+noble on NM 30x server if u need reply...
  7. btw i said is only for interlude so in interlude when u quit u dont lose and Noble i dont know ur post but just try my post on l2ownage u will see it works so its not lame post
  8. Maybe u want necro/pp+noble on NM 30x ?
  9. WTT necro/pp +noble offer me another acc on another server or items on any server ...