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  1. I done it before 1year:) P.S Sry for double post:)
  2. say how much u offer :) i dont need so much:)
  3. mb someone still need these items,or this char bcs i still have:)
  4. This is not exploit or something like that,too much spam so *LOCKED*
  5. No not that bug first get points count ,then ask:).
  6. Please first use search button to look if this topic exist. *LOCKED*
  7. Kehops make photos or your bug is just bullsh1t ,because all can say many enchant "bugs" like u did.So do screens with your over enchanted items.And dont do it on some pvp server...
  8. i accept just payments from paypal,e-gold or webmoney :).
  9. WARNING FOR mpod last post was about 2 years ago...this is old topic. *Locked*