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  1. if any one wants to try at Freya u need to change the line : WriteD(-c); to > WriteQ(-c) since packets in Freya changed :D
  2. walker verify stoped working yesterday :D so its not ur server protection its walker problem :D
  3. http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=46791.0 if u cant do it by yourself upload me the npcname-e.dat from ur system folder :) and tell me what walker u use :D
  4. sorry for the offtopic :D did renewal wiped ? i think i dont have ban there any more :D btw sawk is an idiot , lamest admin ever :D http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/4413/shot00003dd.jpg
  5. that is not a script lol :D its the walker settings :D so if u want help u bether post a actual script :D
  6. not like is that hard to make a manor script any way :D here is 1 i wrote long time ago :D think it was for HellBound ... //Aden town ... LABEL(crop) NPCSEL(Manor Manager[iD=8000]) NPCDLG(Manor Manager[iD=8000]) DLGSEL(Tally up indigenous product.) SELLCROP(Sea Coba[iD=6545],9999;Great Codran[iD=5094],9999;Blue Coba[iD=6541],9999;) CALL(crop)
  7. IG 2.17J http://www.towalker.net/down/L2Walker2.17j_en.zip OOG 10.9.8h http://www.towalker.net/down/L2Walker10.9.8h_en.zip for OGG to work u will need to patch it , or atleast thats how it works for me :D http://www.vpnbot.com/download/xzCrk20100121.zip unzip into walker folder and start xzCrk.exe as administrator tested on win 7 ultimate x86 offical site : http://www.towalker.com/english/index.html
  8. there shoud be a .[dot] at the end of ur script like that /Fix02.fsc (LOL botprotection) BEGIN If (_gBuff=#$02+#0) then gBlockPacket; END. and when i use the WSS somthing is going wrong , maybe my hosts file i dono but it trys to connect me to Перехвачен коннект на Thread Start: поток сервера Thread[0].SH 384/256 SSock=376 Thread Start: поток клиента Thread[0].CH 392/2320 CSock=404 Disconnect: отвалился клиент Thread[0].CH 392/2320 CSock=404 Disconnect: отвалился сервер Thread[0].SH 384/256 SSock=376 Thread Exit: поток сервера Thread[0].SH 384/256 S
  9. get some programer to change the way l2ph hooks up :D all those protections are blocking the way l2ph injects :D so u just need new inject.dll to go around it :D
  10. so many thnk ,tnx ..... for somthing that dosent even work ... shame on u spamers :D
  11. the freezing problem shoud be from the fire.dll :P
  12. best way to spam CP is by Nostromo or any other key board whit macros :P or get a CP clicker program , or u can make a script that spam CP when ur HP is lower then 99% :D
  13. id say stick to my script :P teh walker option for seling crops dont work :P
  14. lol its not fake but is fixed at most servers :D u can still find some newb server that it works on it :D