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  1. Most people miss the pvp from C3 but want all the stuff from H5+ Personally, only reason I stopped playing l2 is because there is so much new garbage to farm and boss jewels are very inaccessible through even a moderate amount of play. Too much stuff to enchant / augment etc. .. you farm items to enchant them to augment them to +++++ them until its soo much stuff to farm that you lose motivation. C3 Was nice and simple, you got on you farmed, and you went around PKING, it was great.
  2. H5/Frey/GoD Server 10x MaX enchant + 16 Armor / Jewels Max Enchant + 16 Boss = Farmable (30 Minute respawn) (so you can make parties to farm the bosses all day and alternate bosses). No Lag (hosted in New York, Texas or east Europe) Reasoning. No one plays L2 because 1) There is too much garbage to farm in H5 / GoD (Crystals to enchant armor) + Scrolls to enchant + farming for boss jewels to enchant) its a lot of stuff to "farm". When there is that much stuff to farm it makes it impossible to ever catch up to a donator who donated to have everything enchanted, and lets fac
  3. Apella has best SKIN, the rest look like spanish garbage, + 2 much "bling" and "tacky" shit attached. Apella was clean cut/looks slick. I mean anything with the colors Gold + Black + Red + Orange is mexican throw up.
  4. Good server, not gona play because don't feel like donating 50$ a month just to have buffs for the 2 - 3 people I have playing (just small group of friends that wana play so not worth it). And im 2 lazy to bot and make a buff train / buff station.
  5. The rate doesn't matter its all about buffs. Buffs = Easy No Buffs = Pointless
  6. Im tired of: Botting, im tired of setting up bot trains just to level buffers so that I don't have to pay 50$ a month for an AIO on a server thats going to crash in a month anyway. Im tired of farming for 30,000,000,000 adena + mats to get a set of S grade. Im tired of doing the class change quests, Im tired of doing noble quest , im tired of it all really. Im looking for: A server with no lag. A server with no reason to bot. A server where we don't have to buff out of the ass just to grind. 80% of the buffs should just be consolidated into 5 _ 10 buffs
  7. If your planning on just making a for fun server with a few hundred people on it I wouldn't worry too much about DDOS, If someone seriously DDOS your server what can you do? Just don't piss off the wrong people.... keep your server donation free as much as possible and keep costs down, keep your head low and thats it. I was thinking of running a small for fun server for a few hundred people, you know setting up a nice simple PvP server with easy farming where people can just log in and pvp without the BS that most servers make people do.... its just a pain in the ass and you need a lot o
  8. This server blows. You load up and kill 10 mobs to hit 80. Why not just start everyone at 80 and avoid the pointless BS that you have setup there... you filled giran with SHIT mobs for what? to make a mess? the server looks like its running out of some kids basement ^^ seriously I loaded up and expected after 10 minutes to see 1000 baium rings on the floor.
  9. If on retail they make 20x + Town buffers till level 85 + and all buffs + GM shop for basic stuff with unseal requirements, yes most private servers would be a ghost town.
  10. Lineage 2 is going Free 2 Play on the 30th, anyone have any bots working for this client on retail servers? Preferably a working Walker... ps: Been away from l2 for about a year and half so im not sure what the current state of the game is... I assume its almost dead on retail for them to be giving the game away for free now.
  11. Been away from Lineage 2 for a while, they are going to make official servers Free 2 play, so I was wondering if anyone has any working Bots for L2 - OFF - Retail Servers. I don't care about getting banned or not, Im going to bot the shit out of it.
  12. There are only 2 - 3 Retail NA servers left in existence.... more players play on private servers than Retail. NC Soft needs to boost rates to 5x and the servers will fill up again.... make spoils 10x/adena 10x etc.... drops 2x.... and consolidate buffs into 5 - 9 buffs only ( no more 30 buffs) Then have donations for small stuff, and it will be best L2 server ever... but they will only have to pay for 2x.... and normal people play with 1x Xp....