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  1. So i found this server, I decided to share it you guys. I dont know if someone posted before me , if so I can remove this post. http://www.l2khaos.org/ Server: Interlude L2OFF ---------- - Khaos(55x) Server: - Interlude (C6) - XP: 55x - SP: 55x - Spoil: 15x - ADENA: 200x Server Hardware: -Intel Quad Core Xeon 3.3Ghz -1x Samsung 840 SSD (240GB), 1x 500GB 7200 RPM Hard Disks -16GB DDR3 -1Gbps network connection -3x Trans-atlantic service connected backbone -DDoS Protected Skills: -100% Retail. -Auto-learned. -Skill modifications made for game
  2. try l2 khaos ,this server has a potencial to became a great server. www.l2khaos.org 50 xp, npc buffers with cov and ren , no siren . global gatekeeper.
  3. Good luck m8! seems nice but it would be better without npc buffers :p cheers
  4. nice share man! thx! ;) but i cant download client.dll, could you re-upload? pliz
  5. im looking for a bot ig for l2 int... everytime i try to login , it closes my L2 window.
  6. im looking for a ig bot for l2 gold. http://l2g-oldschool.com/
  7. thanks, im gonna check it when beta opens to see how many people is online ;) thank you
  8. i am looking for a NEW Low/Mid Rate Server, that is recent or that is going to open soon! Exp: 5~30x NPC Buffer: NO Global GK: don't care GM Shop: NO (or only until b-grade) the rest similar to retail, but if it has some changes i don't care!! but the most important thing: population: 1000+ thank you all!
  9. hi all, i am looking for an Interlude Server between 50-200x, with population 500+ with NPC Buffer, Global GK, GM Shop, etc... (Don't care if it has custom weapons/armors or not)!! thanks ;)
  10. I tried with 1.79 ,it didnt work. they have a custom bot protection. website -> www.l2extreme.us