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  1. Hi! Im looking for FULL C3 OFF Files. Anyone know site where I can download it? Because I cant find it :( Bye.
  2. Not :| If he said 4k+ player... do you think that l2j can do it?
  3. Hi. I have got 1.57 l2w (IG) and i have question: What is better and work in 100%: 1). Main option in walker [Auto Sell Crops] (dont know why but walker dont see all my seeds >.>) 2). This script: Thx for answer.
  4. привет всем! у нас на сервере есть казино т.е делаешь ставку к примеру 1к если все удачно то получаешь 2к поставил 10к получил 20к...Так что проблемма..слышал что есть такая фишка типо 100% удача. Так расскажите как это делается или нужна спец прога? спасибо
  5. Ye. Im looking for horn. Pay in $ or Euro. PM me at forum.
  6. Imo its point less O_O Just relog like 5times = 100cp pots in 3mins?
  7. imo its most stupid thing at this site/forum.... Its like donate and you will see it. 270 posts at "cheat tools forum"? What i can talk about here? Most of people just read new cheats, tricks in lineage 2. thats why i just dont know why you make that shit with penalty.
  8. "The file is suspected of illegal or copyrighted content." mmm
  9. I need script for making Quest like: Go there->talk with npc [Quest->BlaBlaBla->OK], now we have quest items->go to other npc->[Quest->BlaBlaBla->OK]->go to other npc->[Quest->BlaBlaBla->OK]->come back to main npc and get rewards->Starta again quest. Can someone make for me scructure or this? thx
  10. Hi. Im looking for L2Walker INgame for Dragon-Network. If anyone have it plz *.zip with it and .host :) thx btw im looking too for delevel script: one char hit npc other ress him and again...again...again.. thx
  11. Ok ok it work now :P i changed ip in gameserver config and it work :P But dont know how to change stats like p.atk, con, dex ext ect hmm