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  1. But it works on L2OFF also? I'm wondering maybe there is way how this L2J bot can be used on L2Off servers.
  2. Re-install your client. I had the same problem.
  3. Maybe can you figure out how to make OOG working?
  4. Robe and Heavy looks awesome! Tho I don't like Light that much! Great share!
  5. Everything is possible. Don't think that Sawk's system is unbeatable.
  6. www.l2-survival.com. I need an outgame walker. Server is L2OFF and Interlude.
  7. Only when Lethal Strike succeeds. If it succeeds, then RB have only 1 HP.
  8. It's pretty much simple. Ok, I'll explain. 1. Chose your .uax file which you want to open (For example skillsound4.uax). 2. Go at the C:\ directory and make a folder! (For example C:\OpenSound) 3. Now copy in that folder skillsound4.uax and l2encdec! (If you don't have l2encdec, download it!) 4. Start -> Run 5. At the Run window write down "cmd" 6. Black window will appear. Write "cd C:\OpenSound" 7. And then write "l2encdec -s skillsound4.uax" 8. There will appear new file "dec-skillsound.uax". Open it! 9. Wolaa! No errors. 10. To encrypt write down "l2endec -h dec-skillsound.uax". There will appear enc-skillsound.uax. Rename it to skillsound4.uax and you're done! The thing is what you must know, is that almost ALL Lineage II files are encrypted. In order to take a look at them you must decrypt them. It doesn't matter what kind of format are they!
  9. You didn't understand. Unfortunately I can't help you.