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  1. i prefer Phoenix knight (paladin), much better... Oh and a simple trick use dagger with tanker cuz you will have alot more attack speed... ;D
  2. well lineage is x1 so i think low rates are the game, not the high...
  3. Focus chance, cuz that makes you get more times doing critical hits, and if is in a high rate server well buffed critical hits will be High damage so focus power only make your crit stronger. Focus chance FTW! oh and focus change give your dagger skills more chance to give crit too, and in pvp dagger almost dont give regular hits.
  4. i already noticed that, and is in almost all servers, but isnt just in schutgart region ( spiders ) that works in many places, and i dont think that a trick but more as a bug, cuz may be a bug from lineage 2 game. but well thinked in post, for low rate players. keep going.
  5. I found this video, and i have some questions... Is This possible or he's GM? Back Stab can give Instant Kill? oO
  6. No man its for l2.... but why dont you try aasi, in most of server mobs with 11 lvls diference of you give you exp. try it or your self.
  7. So you want to powerlevel, want to be powerleveled Im about to tell you how it can be done. Both mages and shamans get AE poison, which is the key to powerleveling. Your high level mage runs around gathering up lots of tuff monsters while the powerlevelee sits around fidgeting (you can help pull but it just seems to make things harder). Time to lay on the heat, blast the group with your AE poison and watch the life drain outta them. This is the ONLY spell the powerleveler should be using. Heres why, poison takes no xp from the mob. hence the powerlevelee blasts away at the monsters who no
  8. When you're near a river stop and click on the other side of the river. If you can't see the other side, just press the foward key and don't click again nor stop - just keep pressing the key or click once across if you did this right you will be swimming at full 100% run speed and without air gauge bar.
  9. its a kind fuked cuz "noob" guys on forum like me (17 posts) wana learn some exploits and the mosts one are hided and we still learning nothing =S.... Pls stop hide =S
  10. New concept In PvP Balanced Classes for balanced PvP Active & friendly GMs Custom Npc's - Global GK - - GM shop - - Buffer - -
  11. ++ NEW SERVER++ * Interlude x150 **TVT event *Custom NPC's **VIP event -buffer **Search Event -GMshop -Global GK -Lifestone Seller -Class Master *Custom Nobless system * Everything works 100% * custom tattos *Special: Custom Dwarf Mage Class(fortune seeker is mage)****
  12. Hi. I would like to make my own custom glows but when i open Env. file only appears lineage2ver111 and lots od squares after this. Can someone tell me what can i do?
  13. are u sure? i heard to say one of those are x6... what is truth?
  14. one time i was banned cuz i trhow a ss to the ground 4 my friend catch =S XD