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  1. Auto restart of what? of the whole pc what is running it or the server itself?
  2. Guys i am giving him tips about stuff, you guys are more like YOU SUCK.... Helpin someone is better then breakin someone down...
  3. I dont know what you guys think, if i would hack or put virus on my stuff. I would have allready loads of angry people at me right? So it's crap what you guys say.... It's only changin your keyboard buttons to do other things. The only thing what these tools do = Hold down key when pressed down 1x and when pressed 2nd time it will be put up again.
  4. Some servers has some buggy skills. Which can mean that at some servers the succes rate is higher. But at servers like Supremel2/Frienzl2 and couple of others they have checked these kind of things more. So succes rate of a lethal strike is barely much. So it's just pure luck. Still the way i have been lovin' was that a tank pooled loads of mobs then just let them die by Sucide cannon of a WS. But that is allready fixed by the lvl limit what ncsoft is using.
  5. If you ask me if i may give my comment. This is just freakin easy. 1st: Probaly at the artwork are copyrights, so you may not sell them without premission of the company who made them(ncsoft). 2nd: Easy created, nothing special has been made. It's more a rip off then you created something by yourself. 3rd: The first layout is nice to put in html, becuase the background can be used by which resolution the user use. At the 2nd, this will be diffucult. Using a background is better for every resolution. So at 2nd one you could better make a border around it. 4th: Better had ma
  6. SO if you click at a topic, you don't read the title before entering? rofl... Wanna fight it out in pm's or something? Becuase i dont need -karma like you can use i guess...
  7. Why did you asked then if you can read, it's [L2J]... You're pathetic...
  8. Lol, guys wtf? What virus are in it becuase that is just bullsh*t... Becuase i just made it simple with autohotkey.... And if i would hack your guys acc's (if it would -_-) you have know it allready... That is just bullsh*T
  9. Lol it's still there what are you talkin about? BTW i am tryin to make a clicker for baium. So if you are in a populated server, and you missed baium for like 3 times in a row. Becuase some random guy just spawned it. You would love this new tool of me ^^ I am hoping that i will finish it for tomorrow ^^
  10. AT mine it's a mass pvp .... 2 server side alliance's are there always...
  11. Dude, With frenzy he would he would have more, but still the thing is get out of range of the bow. When his frenzy ends, you get him rooted/stunned/slept what ever then hit him with a bow. That way you can kill him easy... And i am not talking about the destroyer which you want to try to kill but at mine server i have killed enough of noobs which are most ofthe time destroyers
  12. I play at a 15x with my SwordMuse but i can kill a Destroyer :) of the same lvl/equipment. Just try to root/sleep him. As a sws i can arrest him, then i can shoot him with a BoP*QR. So just know the way how to play your class xD
  13. I hope they finishing this CT2 fast. I hope it will add some nice Features. Btw if someone got english info about this, tell us pl0x :p
  14. I got some good connection os i wont need that ;) got 5 mb p/s connection so it will just be fine ;)