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  1. try contact admins -.- i didnt knew that u need to add the server from ur home O0 now i know it
  2. Domain names for 10 euro + free unlimited webhosting skype : rdca_83
  3. read the rules u need test server, test version is outdated i believe how people can test O0
  4. i dont want to share it with you , next time try to talk better ... if one gmod or other member pm me for it probably i will share already sended to 2 people
  5. If u buy domain from me u will have free unlimited hosting pmed
  6. It's to join soloqueue with ur friends :gusta:
  7. very cool website probably i will use it in future server
  8. http://captiongenerator.com/35952/SHOCKING-interview-with-Leaguesharp-Developer
  9. it's full secured i dont know , maybe ... i have to play lol 4 months now
  10. Use CFF Explorer and remove nophx.dll from l2.exe if u need help pm me
  11. Trusted and very good lol player we was playing duo :-*