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  1. Santa Event started ! Get your reward from Santa! Clan level creating on 3lv + 5000 reputations ! www.l2flakes.eu
  2. I want to share our test version. Its shared because it test version, but nothing hidded. Core part http://www.4shared.com/zip/rg-HShmOba/L2jInternational_Core_2015-04-.html? Datapack part http://www.4shared.com/zip/tTF7dCYTce/L2jInternational_DataPack_2015.html?
  3. Thanks for reply. We have free website, because we still reworking it. Yes, of course, free version is coming and we look forward to the bug report.
  4. Hello, thanks for tip on website ;-) Of course, we fixed most small and critical bugs in instaces based on L2jSeerver + developed missing instances with quests and AI. We want to make some videos, screenshots + upload test version and actual configurations. Tip for users of L2jserver...: * Check Beast Farm Mobs, some mobs near Gruff npc, using buff for Haste, but appers on player, not self :-D
  5. Hello, thanks for asking. Geodata is 90% same, but we fixed some regions in Dragon Valley, Fantasy Isle, Gracia Region, Sel Mahums and some misc fixes.
  6. Our project is based on L2J Server resources. We took this code and we have improved it to a level that you can buy our code for a good price and run your own server. We are professional developer, we doing this project, because this is our work in real life. DOWNLOAD TEST VERSION --core-- --datapack-- Website click here Contact * You can write private message * * Use our form to contact us and ask question * * Add us on IMQQ messenger ID: 2405993635 * Price * 30 Euro - included SVN access and updates guarranted * What we offer * We offer to our customers