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  1. UPDATE: As you can see in the .rar, this is only WEBSITE LAYOUT. There is no coding included as I just do not code. Keep that in mind before contacting me.
  2. Hellow there, not the way I wanted to share my stuff but whatever ^^ Here you can see my project called L2 Violence. It was bought by Munich (L2 Fantastic owner) and stolen from him. The thief is called Daniel Robert Cretu aka Outlaw. He made a topic here with this incomplete project: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/191807-l2-violence-full-website-psd/ Another thing is that Dani Outlaw Cretu uploaded fonts used in this project. He is spreading it illegaly since I have bought them along with Munich and I was able to use them freely, those were used only as a preview, later I altered them
  3. Go ahead, if you are okay with using something somebody paid for as "yours" then I doubt you will get any players ^^ If you are unable to produce something on your own and chose the easy way I can tell already that your server will be one of those random ones nobody will ever remember. Safe to say, me theme will be the best thing on that server <3 I love my theme, it's flawless.
  4. You are right, though I have attention of people as an artist, not a thief. So I gotta thanks Dani for that ^^ In the end, I got paid I give no fucks :D
  5. Paypal stuff sent as a "donation" is a shit of an evidence, and it's even named a "L2 Fantastic". You know it, I know it, everbody knows it. Your evidences are poor, can be easily manipluated and mean nothing. There is no official document between any of the sides. The fact you have files on your HDD means those were stolen from me and even if it's "okay" you broke copyright by making it public. So yea, I'll now reconsider reporting it ^^ I'm now reading how and where to do it, since I will be reporting it in Poland not UK ^^
  6. Point is, I can sue you for stealing this ^^ You stole my intelectuall property http://www.biztree.com/doc/ip-sale-agreement-D761 Here is some random IP sale agreement I've found. I did not sign one of those with Swen and I did not sign one with you AND Swen didn't sign one with you. So, this is mine work, I can sue your ass for it. #worth? :D
  7. It's amusing how you went from: > i didnt buy it, i got it from Swen > i did buy it, heres bill > so what if i didnt buy it? Swen gave it to me? > added you as a creator, i bought it so fk off xDDDDD bruh, to be honest, this is still mine what we had is an agreement that he pays me for it but there was no official "paper" crated and it have to consist: tons of informations about buyer, informations about me (my exact address and such), terms of use, law regulations and on the bottom of it mine hand-written signature and swens too. After that he would became an offici
  8. hahahaha WHY would I care you stupid fucker? xD You either paid for it, or not. I got my money from it, why would I give a fuck? I made tons of videos, designs and such. People paid me and then they could sell it, share it, destroy it, shit on it. My job was done, I got paid. You are now sharing link to work done by me, but not mine anymore. How fuckin hard it is to understand? xD The proof you have shown is fabricated, but I do not give a crap. Commnity on MXC now sees clearly what kind of fucked up tard you are to steal from somebody. Even if Swen SHARED this with you, you had n
  9. Yea it makes the difference, coz you are a liar and a thief now :D
  10. So first you wrote you just have it. Then you wrote you bought it. Now you wrote he just shared this with you. Bi-polar?
  11. i also just got pmed by swen that he didnt share it, you are a fuckin thief
  12. You keep repeating "download count increasing", tell me why you treat it as something that should bother me? I got money for it, looks like Munich also got money for it so in the end, you paid for something (not even that good design) and now spread it for free xD Like it should bother me rofl xD I made it like 10 months ago :D
  13. haha that's not for this psd file hahaha it even says "l2 fantastic" as a purpose xD so you are sharing for free something you "bought" hahaha fuck ur logic xD I'm rofling only coz this suppose to make me mad XD I rofled even more now xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD