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  1. rename to L2Donate, stupid donates on x5 server lmao. anyway its gonna be empty so who cares
  2. and 5-10 more minutes to fail.
  3. most retarded low rate server ever, don't even waste your time...only God knows if its gonna get hacked and wipe again, handless staff as fck.
  4. http://prntscr.com/e15dkc Update list on new season: Fully fixed and tested olympiad buggs. Yea he fixed a bug with skills reuse in oly that took 1 min of his life, congrats. New much better balance between classes. He didn't change a shit. Some farming area changes. He didn't change a shit, all the zones are same, I just checked it. +1 new Pvp/pk color. WOW! thats so important and hard thing to change. Fixed some skills to work more correcly. 0 changes, all skills working as before, nothing changed. Added new +2 pvp area maps. same pvp zones as before. Farm area mob change
  5. waste of time to play on a server with retarded admin, saying about changes and updates and he doing nothing, not even a single update since...a year or even more. he's wiping it cuz no more donations.
  6. http://prntscr.com/dy72yj How can you call your server successful since it didn't even last 2-3 weeks? lol Successful is a server which last more than 2-3 months at least.
  7. like on other servers theres no corruption at all. :troll:
  8. 10k with 10x fake online maybe, otherwise max 1k real.
  9. stop being retard, don't waste money for a server that will be dead in about 2 weeks max.
  10. dupe isn't about frozen, it works on acis too. anti bot protection would solve that, I guess ;d
  11. He deserved it. :happyforever: Achylek's advertise didn't help mucho. :/
  12. it causes critical errors when observing olympiad match.
  13. Do you have proofs of what you say? or just bullshitting around w/o a single proof? If you say so, l2damage, l2aaron and every other server with frozen files and same features is made from gevorakoc, right? Stupid logic same as your brain.
  14. auto ls, auto enchant skills, auto enchant items, auto pots. But hey, Nope, it's not a bot at all. lmao
  15. my problem is that ppl became so trash that 99.9% of them playing with bots and even posting videos w/o hiding them.
  16. I can see many ppl there, but even if it's dead as you say, it happened cuz of cancer community like you and your friends emoquitting servers after playing 1h max. :<
  17. Selling items + adena very cheap on l2bnb.gr x8 tate set unseald +3 dark crystal robe majestic robe arcana mace spiritual acumen Adena Infernal Master Focus +3 Draconic Leather Armor (main only) Acceptable Methods: Paypal only send message here if you are interested.