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Found 12 results

  1. L2 Maelstrom Multi Skills ***Beta: Comming Soon 15/07/2017*** New Kind of server! ​A lot of quest with Reward ( Items + Skills ). Quest GK. (to make it done fast) All in Comunity Board ( All you need ) Low Rate server (But fast leveling System ) ​Rates! ​Exp/10 SP/10 Adena/10 And Much More.... Web : https://l2maelstromsv.wixsite.com/home ​ You will finde the downloads links by mega, some more info, and votes if you stay to make the server grow up! Its just a game! see you there! Download by Mega System L2Mael Animations Systextures
  2. L2Pathetic is a brand new L2J Server! That simulates a game environment similar to the game Lineage II. Our server was prepared carefully, based on several years of research, and experience with Lineage II. In order to provide an incredible experience that you will never have on any other server. Our Features! Main Information: Main Town : Giran Buff Slots : 50 Olympiad 100% Retail Like + New OLYMPIAD SHOP DualBox Allowed [3 Windows MAX] Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes [NEW VERSION 2016 RUSSIAN STYLE] Max Subclasses = 5 Max Subclass level = 80 All active/pa
  3. www.l2zerk.com.br Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2-ZERK-429239550796881/ Rates: » Xp 500x. » Sp 500x. » Aden 2000x. » Drop 1x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 20. Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +4. » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+16). » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+20). » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 65%. » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 65%. » Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100%. Augmentations: » Mid life stone skill chance - 5%. » High life stone skill chance - 10%. » Top life stone skill chance - 15%. Unique features: » Main towns - Giran, G
  4. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Web Site: www.La2Earth.com NEW SEASON GRAND START FROM - 27 August 2016. 16:00 +3GMT). __________________________________________________________________ More information can be found in following links: Web site - www.La2Earth.com Fan Page: www.Facebook.com/La2Earth
  5. www.L2Seiry.com ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Exp : 500x Sp : 500x Adena : 750x Drop : 10x Safe Enchant : +5 Maximum Enchant : +21 Normal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +15) : 70% Blessed Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +18) : 85% Gold Breaker Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enc
  6. http://l2rakul.16mb.com Server Rates > Experience (EXP): 30x > Skill Points (SP): 30x > Adena: 30x > Items Drop: 30x > Spoil: 30x > Quest Experience (EXP): 15x > Quest Skill Points (SP): 15x > Quest Drop Items: 15x > Quest Adena: 15x > Additional Quest Multipliers: 7x > Weight Limit: 30x > Party Multiplier (EXP & SP): 1.5x > Manor: 15x > Raid Drop: 15x (RB jewelry 1x) > Hellbound Increase/Decrease: 15x > Pets Experience (EXP): 7x > Sin Eater Experience (EXP): 7x Basic Configurations > Buff Slots: 24 > Dance and Songs Slots: 12 &
  7. Lineage 2 Network Elemental OPEN BETA AT 25/3/15 18:00 GMT +2 Rates Xp 75x Sp 75x Adena 75x Drop 75x PartyXp 2x PartySp 2x Features Castle Siege Retail Wedding System Max count of buffs 24 first class 100k second class 1kk third class 100kk noblesse quest retail top pvp/pk ingame For More info join to forum and search on website :) Homepage : http://l2elemental.eu forum : http://l2elemental.forum-pro.org Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lineage-2-Elemental/825443854200259?fref=nf
  8. Hello guys we are launching a new server called L2damon. Our team is composed of professionals which include but are not limited to various developers, network engineers and designers. Our team is offering 2 Lineage II Hive Five servers. A Highrate server which is already available called Damon – HIGH , everyone can check it out to see how stable our project is and it’s features A Lowrate server called Damon-LOW which the official release is 2014-11-21. High rates: XP = x50 SP = x50 Adena = x100 Drop = x20 Spoil = x100 Low rates: XP = x5 SP = x5 Adena = x8 Drop = x5
  9. L2Holiday x50 website: http://www.l2holiday.com/ forum: http://www.l2holiday.com/forum/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Holiday twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/L2holiday Basic Info: Weekly Sieges + TW Weekly Heroes Lameguard + report system ingame. New events Epic boss spawn time and window decreased PVP zones near grandbosses Castle siege event for REAL CASH. Rewards for streamers Active admin team Server Features Exp: 50x SP: 50x Drop: 20x Spoil: 20x Adena: 25x Quest Drop: 7x Quest Reward: 5x Quest Exp/SP: 10x Quest Adena Reward: 5x Ep
  10. Welcome to L2 Shillien. We are a new private server with features like you never seen. We are a team of devoted and passionate players that we always wanted to play somewhere and have fun. We've analyze some mistakes of why servers fail and we tried our best not to make one of them. Check our features and be amazed. We got unique features and raids (farm is very easy, takes 30 min max, rest is only pvp & raids for unique items) GRAND OPENING: 05.09.2014 CHRONICLE - High Five CT 2.5 RATES - Exp/Sp: x5000 - Adena: x1000 - Drop: x1 - Starting level: 85 - Almost Instant PvP Server, there i
  11. GodzWorld x20 Server Rates Xp - 20x Sp - 20x Aden - 20x Drop - 20x Spoil - 20x Quest Reward - 3x Quest Drop - 10x Raidboss Drop - 1x Rate Party Xp - 1.3x Zero our Reward - 2x Olympiad Olympiad Starts 18:00 (+2GMT) Olympiad Ends: 24:00 (+2 GMT) Hero Changes: Every Month Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes Enchantment Rates Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +25 Max Enchant (Jewelery): +5 Safe Enchant: +5 Simple Scroll: 50% Blessed Scroll: 70% Grand Boss Respawn Time Valakas: Ever
  12. L2Ace High Five PvP Server 1000x Opened on the 12th of March 2014! Website: https://www.l2ace.com Unique Features: Instant PvP PvP Zones changing every day Achievements System Unique Community Board Instinctive NPCs Raid Boss Teleporter 10 Players Rankings Player profile Buffs 4 Hours Restore buffs on death/cancel every 20 seconds MaxSubclass = 3 Heroes, Sieges, Territory Wars every week PvP Coin Reward PvP Color System And much more! Server Info & Features: XP Rate : 1000x SP Rate : 5000x Adena Rate : 500x Drop Rate : 5x Spoil Rate : 5x Quest Adena Reward : 2500x Safe Enchant : +12